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Kimberly Addison
We have assembled a group of accomplished chocolate makers from around the world to share a panel discussion about the...
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Arun Viswanathan
we are proud to introduce Arun Viswanathan of Chitra'm Craft Chocolates, India. Arun is an entrepreneur in the culinary arts, running...
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Meet the Panelist Nick Davis
One/One Cacao started as a challenge, Nick Davis was working as a foreign correspondent in the Caribbean for BBC News and was doing...
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Chef Prateek Bakhtiani
A graduate in Biochemistry from University of Washington, Seattle, his entry into chocolate wasn’t exactly intentional. However, a twist of...
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Scott Johnson
Meet Scott Johnson   Scott Johnson is an expert on everything cocoa. We have tried to give a glimpse on...
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Erika Cline
Over the past 25+ years, celebrated pastry chef Erika Cline has crafted some of the country’s most scrumptious desserts and chocolates....
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