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Meet Valerie Beck
Valerie Beck, founder of Chocolate Uplift bean-to-bar chocolate distribution and consulting, and of the original Chicago Chocolate Tours nationwide, also...
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Working With A Distributor For Your Chocolate By Valerie Beck
Join Valerie Beck, Founder of Chocolate Uplift, called the Chocolate Auntie as she takes us through the ins and outs...
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Meet Dustin Cornett
Dustin & his wife Mai started their journey into the world of chocolate when they discovered Dustin’s grandmother’s old bonbon...
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Cocoa is More Than Chocolate - Improving Income with Chocolat Inn & Cafe
Join Dustin Cornett, chocolate maker, co-owner and operator of the Chocolat Inn & Café, as he shares how to have...
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Meet Nisao Ogata
Nisao Ogata has conducted research mainly in tropical rain forests in the Neotropics. His main interests are Ethnobotany, systematics, biodiversity,...
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“When Money Grew On Trees” - The Ethnobotanic Studies of the Cocoa Tree
“When Money Grew On Trees” is a journey through the past, present and future of the chocolate plant (Theobroma cacao...
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