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Meet Alain d'Aboville
Alain d'Abovile Alain’s chocolate voyage started in Madagascar where he spent his early childhood. After a career in management mostly...
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Roasted Cocoa Beans
Learning the Ropes of Roasting with Alain d'Aboville There really is no magic formula to determining the best cocoa bean...
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Amy Coronado
Amy Coronado is the Senior Chocolate Engineer at Cocoa Press. She is a Materials Science Engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon University...
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TEMPERmental: A Guide to the Science and Craft of Chocolate Tempering with Amy Coronado an  Empowering Chocopreneurs© webinar
Well tempered chocolate is the finishing touch on all your hard work up to that point. It is like the...
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Meet Arcelia Gallardo
Arcelia Gallardo: I am owner and chocolate maker of Mission Chocolate based in São Paulo Brazil. I have been in...
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Innovations in Brazil With Arcelia Gallardo
We are excited to have Arcelia Gallardo to present a webinar on  Cocoa Is More Than Chocolate: Innovations in Brazil...
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