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Storytelling to Revive Trinidad & Tobago’s Cocoa Sector
"Storytelling has become an increasingly important tool to foster regenerative value for consumers and producers. In an academic research, Denise...
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Special Chocopreneurs Networking Event
Networking can give new perspectives, foster strong connections, build confidence, help you market yourself and give hope and strength through...
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Chocolate Making Equipment: What to Know Before You Buy
Acquiring the right chocolate-making equipment for your business is an important decision and big investment whether starting out or looking...
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Keep Chocolate Cool when Shipping in Hot Climates - Q&A
Question: Do you worry about condensation from the ice pack? I have kraft paper packaging on my bars. Answer: Yes,...
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Meet Beata Lerman
Dr. Beartisa (Beata) Lerman led different roles in biomedical R&D, consulting and scientific research studies in molecular genetics, biochemistry, and...
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Making Healthy Chocolate
How does the food we eat now affect our health? As consumers we can find any, often directly contradictory information...
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