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'57 Chocolate Ghana
Revolutionary artisanal chocolate made from bean to bar by a dynamic duo of Pan African sisters Kimberly and Priscilla. Pioneered...
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Chef Prateek Bakhtiani
A graduate in Biochemistry from University of Washington, Seattle, his entry into chocolate wasn’t exactly intentional. However, a twist of...
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Q&A from the Cocoa Beans Fermentation 101 webinar with Cocoa Expert Scott Johnson
Scott was kind enough to curate the questions and answer them in detail. We have created a blog post with...
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Nut Butters & More
CocoaTown presents Nut Butters & more with CocoaTown Melanger by Chef Prateek Bakhtiani of Ether Chocolat Oct. 17th - Saturday 10:00...
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Manifesto Cacao Co
Manifesto Cacao Co Making Chocolate and Empowering Cocoa Farmers Written by Estanich Grant Pinilla CEO, Manifesto Cacao Co - Fine...
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Scott Johnson
Meet Scott Johnson   Scott Johnson is an expert on everything cocoa. We have tried to give a glimpse on...
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