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Meet Iyin Akinlabi-Oladimeji
Iyin Akinlabi-Oladimeji is a Nigerian American that has always been passionate about seeking opportunities to add value in West Africa....
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Unwrapping the Secrets to Crowdfunding: From Bean to Chocolate Venture
Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking funding for your dream business, or a chocolate maker looking to jumpstart your next project,...
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Regional Ingredient Round table
Join us for a roundtable discussion on the benefits & use of local ingredients.Let's talk about: What unique ingredients from...
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Meet Ron Jamieson
Meet the Presenter - Ron Jamieson Ron initially was educated and trained as a chemical/environmental engineer, but obtaining an MBA...
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Packaging Essentials
You invest a lot of yourselves into producing the finest chocolate you can, but how do you get people to...
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Cracking and Winnowing with CocoaTown
Cocoa beans go through different steps before being transformed into chocolate and a couple of them are “cracking and winnowing.” Cracking and...
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