SAGA5 Temperer

Introducing the CocoaTown SAGA5 Tabletop continuous tempering machine - a game-changer for chocolatiers and chocolatemakers seeking the pinnacle of chocolate craftsmanship. This innovative marvel is not just a machine; it's a revolution.

Compact in size, yet mighty in performance, the SAGA5 delivers more than just convenience. It's a time-saver, a money-saver, and a flavor-preserver. The embodiment of efficiency, it promises an unmatched return on your investment.

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For craft chocolate makers and chocolatiers who need a tempering machine that

  • Is compact
  • Saves time & money
  • Is easy to use & clean
  • Preserves the fine flavors of chocolate
  • Provides high ROI for the investment

CocoaTown is introducing SAGA5 Tabletop, continuous tempering machine that

  • Tempers 6 kg/15 minutes if the chocolate is melted before adding to the tank
  • Tempers 6 kg/hour if you add chocolate chunks
  • Includes a Vibrating table 
  • Is WIFI enabled and can be controlled from phone or tablet
  • Has energy saving cycle to reduce energy cost when not in use
  • Is easy to clean completely in 1 hour with minimum waste of chocolate
  • Is completely made of stainless steel
  • Has 3 motors –for the holding tank, for the pump & for the augur
  • Has SS auger that is easy to remove and lasts long
  • Is available in 110V or 220V 
  • has optional dosing attachment that can fill 10 molds per minute

    Cost: $7000+S&H (6 - 8 week delivery time)


    Capacity  6kg
    Motor  2 HP (1.5KW), single phase – connect to a 20 amp line
    Temperature Control System  Tank, Pump, Auger
    Product Weight  70 kg (155 lb)
    Dimensions  91 kg (200 lb)       
    Shipping Weight  18.5” x 20” x 33” (47x50x84 cm)

    Instrumentation and Electrical System

    • 4.3” touch screen display with integrated multifunction program:
    • Three operating modes: Manual, Automatic & Standby
    • Electronic dosing
    • Temperature management
    • Remote control and teleassistance functionality
    • Safety fuses on the main components
    • Resettable fuse for auger motor
    • Inverter for reversing direction
    • Pedal to stop the flow of chocolate
    • Magnetic sensor for protection of the bowl

      SAGA5 Temperer
      SAGA5 Temperer