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Meet Iyin Akinlabi-Oladimeji
Iyin Akinlabi-Oladimeji is a Nigerian American that has always been passionate about seeking opportunities to add value in West Africa....
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Meet Ron Jamieson
Meet the Presenter - Ron Jamieson Ron initially was educated and trained as a chemical/environmental engineer, but obtaining an MBA...
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Meet Denise Speck
Denise Speck was born and raised in Germany and is a graduate in sustainable entrepreneurship, an entrepreneur, a photography enthusiast,...
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Meet Beata Lerman
Dr. Beartisa (Beata) Lerman led different roles in biomedical R&D, consulting and scientific research studies in molecular genetics, biochemistry, and...
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Meet Estelle Tracy
Estelle Tracy is an award-winning food writer and chocolate sommelier based in the Philadelphia area. A French native, she discovered the bean-to-bar...
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Meet Shadel Nyack Compton
Shadel Nyack Compton is an innovator by nature, a lawyer by profession, a mother by heart, and a farmer by choice....
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