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Cameroon Cocoa: What Makes it Special
Did you know that Cameroon is one of the highest cocoa producing countries in the world? Do you wonder what...
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Innovations in Brazil With Arcelia Gallardo
We are excited to have Arcelia Gallardo to present a webinar on  Cocoa Is More Than Chocolate: Innovations in Brazil...
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Spaces for Innovation: Challenges & Opportunities of the Cocoa Value Chain in West Africa with Dr. Kristy Leissle
Join CocoaTown and Dr. Kristy Saturday February 6 - 10 am to 12 Noon Atlanta time for a compelling talk...
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Meet The Presenter - Dr. Kristy Leissle
As a part of our Empowering Chocopreneurs series we are excited to present Dr. Kristy Leissle.  Dr. Kristy Leissle is...
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Empowering Chocopreneurs© - La Rifa
Empowering Chocopreneurs© - La Rifa Co-written by Monica & Daniel Eduardo Rezza, Monica Lozzano & Fausto Reyes We are a project...
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Cocoa Is More Than Chocolate
We have created a blog post with his answers so it will stay as a valuable resource. Big Thank you...
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