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Cracking and Winnowing
As part of CocoaTown's Empowering Chocopreneurs Webinar series, we want to bring you a webinar on Mar. 6, 2021 on "What,...
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Care & Maintenance of CocoaTown Melangers
Are you looking to invest in your first melanger and want to know how easy it is to use and...
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Cocoa Is More Than Chocolate
We have created a blog post with his answers so it will stay as a valuable resource. Big Thank you...
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Meet the Presenter - Chef Wayne Cezair
A quintessential exponent of the medicinal value of food, he soon discovered the hidden potential of the cocoa plant and...
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Cocoa is more than chocolate
Did you know you can expand your business, increase revenue and be a sustainable company by using all the parts...
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Trials & Tribulations of A Minority Business Owner
I had an opportunity to share the barriers I have faced as a minority business owner with FCIA members recently....
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