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ECGC-12SL Melanger


ECGC-12SL melangers from CocoaTown have been helping chocolate makers to grind cocoa nibs into 15 micron chocolate liquor since 2011.

ECGC-12SL melangers can grind 6-8 lbs (3-4 kgs)) of cocoa nibs to yield 10 lbs (4.5 kgs) of chocolate liquor or about 4 lbs (2 kgs) of nuts (cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pistachio, etc.) into nut butters or nut milks, sesame into tahini, or chickpeas into hummus


Processing & Shipping times:  2 to 3 weeks

Under normal conditions the processing time is 2-3 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

Voltage: 110V

  • 110V
  • 220V

Electrical Frequency: 50Hz

  • 50Hz
  • 60Hz


CocoaT Melanger – ECGC-12SL

ECGC-12SL Melanger from CocoaTown was introduced in 2011 as the replacement model for  ECGC-12 Chocoate Melanger (introduced in 2006).


A melanger is a granite stone on granite stone grinder used to grind cocoa bean nibs to chocolate liquor. This is an ideal tool for chocolatiers who want to make chocolate from bean to bar or cocoa nibs to cocoa liquor.

CocoaTown produces innovative melangers. We have patents on our melangers and Grinders. CocoaT melangers have enhanced ventilation system and help grind 6-8 lbs (2.5 -3.5 kgs) of cocoa nibs for 24 hours or more to produce 8-10 lbs (4-4.5 kgs) of chocolate liquor.  We ship these units around the world.

We constantly improve these melangers and add addtional accessories based on customer feedback.

CocoaTown is the first company to introduce:

  1. Mini drum and rollerstone assembly to process test batches of 500 gms to 1Kg of chocolate for recipe testing and flavor evaluation
  2.  Variable pressure/tension for ECGC-12SLTA model and ECGC-65 series grinders
  3.  Two-level integrated safety protection
  4.  Stone wiper to continuously wipe the roller stone surface
  5. Many accessories for the melanger such as Chocokneader, Chococleaner,

SS lid, Conical Roller stone assembly with SS wiper, cylindrical roller stone assembly with SS wiper, SS wiper for regular drum, SS wiper for mini drum and more.

We have two variations of melangers now. ECGC-12SL is the deluxe melanger that we have been selling since 2011.

The conical granite roller stones rotate on granite bottom stone of the vessel, crushing the nibs and reducing the particles of sugar and cocoa to 15 micron range fine cocoa liquor. The roller stones and wiper are attached to the stainless steel center shaft, and the whole roller stone assembly is removable as one piece. They are easy to clean, handle and store. The roller stone assembly is locked into the lid for reproducible tension. The conical roller stones serve dual function – conching in addition to grinding. Conical roller stones provide more crushing area for better grinding efficiency. Also crushing does not generate heat and it preserves the nutrients when grinding for nut butters, hummus and other gourmet foods.

ECGC-12SL melanger is ideal for small chocolate businesses or for R&D to develop recipes for big businesses. In addition to grinding cocoa nibs, it can also be used to grind other gourmet foods as listed below. 


  • Grinds cocoa nibs to 15 microns for smoother taste
  • Conical stones for grinding and conching
  • US$500 + S&H
  • Optional accessories available for additional functions:
    • Cylindrical stones for nut butters
    • Mini drum set to grind 500 gms to 1 lb of cocoa beans for recipe development, R&D purposes, etc.
    • Stainless steel wipers for big drum and mini drum
    • Stainless steel lid
    • Chocokneader to mix milk powder with chocolate liquor
    • Chococleaner for easy removal of chocolate from the roller stones

Other Uses:

Our customers have used the melangers and Grindeurs for the following:

  • Almond pieces into Marzipan
  • Hazel nut pieces into Gianduja
  • Pistachios pieces into pistachio butter
  • Cashew pieces into cashew butter
  • Sesame seeds into tahini
  • Boiled chick peas into hummus
  • Flax seeds into paste
  • Sphagnum moss for facial pack
  • Quinoa

You can buy the complete ECGC-12SL melanger package with the following accessories:

  1. Mini drum set with SS wipers
  2. SS wiper for regular drum
  3. SS lid
  4. Chocokneader
  5. Chococleaner
  6. Free S&H within continental USA

Price: $850 for delivery within continental USA. Savings of US$110! We also ship the complete package for delivery outside USA. Please contact us for more details.

Optional Accessories:

Mini drum and roller stone set

Lot of our customers have been using less quantity nibs in the ECGC-12SL / SLTA unit and they had trouble because the SL / SLTA unit is made for 4-6 lbs of nibs. But we heard our customers and have come up with a solution for small batch chocolate.

This mini drum and roller stone set is ideal for customers who want to test microbatches of chocolate in a batch for recipe testing. This drum and roller stone set can grind 500gms – 1Kg (1-2 lbs) of cocoa nibs. Also the roller stones are cylindrical to imitate the ECGC-65A Grindeur, so scaling up is much easier,

Cost – US$150 + S&H. Optional SS wiper for mini drum set - US$75 + S&H

Stainless steel wipers

Stainless steel wipers (SS wipers) are used by the customers who want minimum delrin parts in the food contact area. It is also useful when using the ingredients that are more viscous and can stress the delrin wiper. SS wipers are also more hygienic.

Cost – US$75 + S&H

Stainless steel lid

Stainless steel that fits over the lock arm is available. It replaces the purple plastic lid. It is more hygienic.

Cost – US$75 + S&H


Chococleaner helps to remove the chocolate liquor stuck to the roller stones - saves chocolate and saves cleaning time and energy. Once the grinding is done, remove the roller stones with chocolate, place the chococleaner on top of the drum. Then place the roller stone assembly on top of the chococleaner. Rotate the roller stones and all the chocolate liquor drips into the stainless steel vessel. 


Cost - US$15 + S&H.



Chocokneader mixes the cocoa liquor and other ingredients that need not be ground. For eg. some customers use it to mix the cocoa liquor with milk powder. It is also good for mixing the inclusions in the cocoa liquor uniformly without grinding the inclusions.

Or if you are using the melanger to grind the nut butters and if you want to mix the cocoa liquor without grinding them further, chocokneader is a good option.

It can also be used to knead the dough for pizza, cake etc.

Cost – US$75 + S&H


Additional information

Weight35 lbs (16 kgs)
Dimensions23 × 16 × 14 in
Voltage110V, 220V
Electrical Frequency50Hz, 60Hz


Delrin wiper
Center pin
Roller stone
roller holder
lock arm with tension block
SS drum
mini drum
roller stone for mini drum
delrin wiper for mini drum
roller holder for mini drum
Cooling fan
Tension spring housing
Tension spring


SS wiper
mini drum set
cylindrical roller stone set
emergency shut-off switch
Tension block
SS wiper for mini drum
SS lid