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CocoaT Jr Roaster PI


Under normal conditions the processing time is  2-3 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

Accessory: Without Cooling Tray

  • Without Cooling Tray
  • With Cooling Tray


CocoaT Jr Roaster PI

CocoaT Roasters ideal for roasting cocoa beans, the precursors of the best chocolate. Roasting the cocoa beans (cacao beans, cacau beans) at right temperature for the right duration is critical to get better quality nibs and in turn better tasting chocolate. All CocoaT roasters are equipped with removable stainless steel roasting baskets/drums.

During roasting, cocoa beans (cacao beans, cacau beans) constantly tumble inside the slowly rotating stainless steel drum. The beans are heated by convection heat (heating element) and conduction heat (from the roaster drum) resulting in uniformly roasted beans. 

The unit comes with a variable temperature control setting for up to 230°C (446°F). There are two separate controls, one for upper heating element and another for lower heating element. There are five options to heat the oven:

  1. Top heating element
  2. Bottom heating element
  3. Both heating elements
  4. Both heating elements + convection heat - Ideal setting for roasting the beans
  5. Low heat setting for fermentation

CocoaT Jr PI Roasters are equipped with timer control. Users can set the roasting time for up to 2 hours.  It is available only in 220V.

Our CocoaT Jr Roaster PI can roast 2-4 lbs (1-2 kgs) of cocoa beans.

CocoaT jr. Roaster can also be used for roasting nuts, legumes, pulses. Special roaster drum available to roast sesame seeds etc.

Cost – US$650 + S&H
           US$900 + S&H (with CocoaT cooling tray Micro)


CocoaT junior PI Roaster:

  • Volts – 220
  • Stainless steel roasting drum
  • Includes tray to collect roasted cocoa beans
  • Amps - 6
  • Watts - 1400
  • Capacity – 2-4 lbs (1-2 kgs) cocoa beans
  • Temperature - Variable

Included with Roasters:

  1. Roaster drum
  2. Heat resistant silicon gloves


Additional Information

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions22 × 18 × 15 in



Roaster Drum


Optional Accessories: 


Cooling Tray: 


Cooling tray is ideal to stop the roasting process once the beans are removed from the roaster. This cooling tray is made for CocoaT junior Roaster SS. 


Use the collecting tray to collect the beans from the roaster. Place it on the cooler base and the beans are cooled in less than 5 minutes. This helps in arresting the roasting precisely and prevents the beans getting cooked after removing from the oven. All the food contact components are made of stainless steel. The unit is very compact for use and storage. 


For SC model roaster, remove the drum from the roaster after the roasting is done. Unlatch the drum door and let the contents fall into the collection tray placed on the cooler base. 


Cost : US$250 + S&H F.O.B. Atlanta