ALPHA25 Grinder

Alpha25 (Abi 25) is a tabletop grinder. It is designed to grind 12-25 lb (5 to 12 kg) of chocolate liquor including all the ingredients. This economy model has the same stellar performance of ECGC-65E.

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Lot of our customers like the great performance of Alpha12 (ECGC-12SQSS) but are looking for a way to scale up. They are not ready to buy Alpha100 (ECGC-65) or even Alpha50 (Abi50). To fulfill their needs, CocoaTown is now offering Alpha25 (Abi 25) Chocolate Grinder. 

Alpha25 (Abi 25) is a tabletop grinder. It is designed to grind 12-25 lbs (5 to 12 kg) of chocolate liquor including all the ingredients. This economy model has the same stellar performance of Alpha1000 (ECGC-65E).

All the food contact areas are made with 304 grade stainless steel. Food splash zones, frame and motor housing are all made of stainless steel. Double roller stones make the grinding process very efficient. Stainless steel wipers are hygienic and easy to clean.

Tilting mechanism helps to remove the chocolate liquor effortlessly. It also helps when cleaning the unit with soap and water.

The unit comes with 220 V, 0.5 HP, three phase USA bought motor and control panel. Gears and belt mechanism are used for longer life of the parts. Alpha25 (Abi 25) grinder gives superior grinding efficiency and produces chocolate liquor of 15-18micron size.

The control panel helps to regulate the drum speed for various stages of grinding. The inverter converts the incoming single-phase power to three phase power for the motor. It needs to be connected to 220V, single phase input. It also has on/off switch and emergency breaker.

The unit carries a limited one-year warranty for any manufacturing defect.

The regular price (EXW Atlanta) for Alpha25 (Abi 25) Grinder is $3500 with Control panel.  

The unit can be upgraded with features that are available for ECGC-65E such as CA package, Tension gauge mechanism and nib feeder.

If you are using for nut butters, you can grind about 25 cups of nuts. Since each nut has a different volume and weight this is only a reference point. The amount you can grind for each variety of nut is slightly different. As a general guideline, to get optimum performance, we suggest that the total ingredients should not cover more than 80% of the roller stone height.

Optional upgrades

    1. CA package
    2. Tension gauge mechanism
    3. Nib Feeder


    Capacity 5-12 kg (12-25 lb)/bactch
    Control Panel 220V, single phase input
    Motor 0.5 HP, 220V, Three Phase
    Warranty 1 year limited warranty
    Product Dimensions 24” x 16” x 32”
    Weight 90 kg (200 lb)
    Shipping Weight 136 kg (300 lb)


      • Delrin Inserts
      • Delrin Spacers
      • Roller Stones
      • SS Wipers
      • Roller Holder
      • SS Drum


      CA package:

      Special SS wipers are made and are welded so there are no screws or bolts in the food contact area. Food splash zone is modified for cleaning.

      Tension Gauge:

      Tension gauge mechanism is mounted on the lock arm and constantly measures the pressure on the grinding stone. The pressure on the stones can be adjusted and continuously monitored so that the stones exert same pressure from batch to batch. Also the pressure can be released when adding the nibs or during the conching.

      Nib Feeder:

      Nib Feeder helps to add the nibs constantly and in the right place to save labor costs and grinding time. It comes with motorized dispenser to regulate the speed at which the customer wants to add the nibs.

      Other Uses

      Our customers have used our melangers and grinders for the following: 

      • Grind almond pieces into Marcepan /Marzipan 
      • Grind hazel nut pieces into Gianduja 
      • Grind pistachios pieces into pistachio butter 
      • Grind cashew pieces into cashew butter 
      • Grind sesame seeds into tahini 
      • Grind boiled chick peas into hummus 
      • Grind flax seeds into paste 
      • Grind sphagnum moss for facial pack 
      • Grind quinoa 
      • Grind nuts into nut milks 
      • Grind coconut flakes into coconut butter and coconut milk 
      • Grind corn into masa 
      • And more 
      ALPHA25 Grinder
      ALPHA25 Grinder