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CocoaT basic Winnower


Under normal conditions the processing time is 2-3 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

Voltage: 110V

  • 110V
  • 220V

Metering Device: Motorized

  • Motorized
  • Manual


CocoaT basic Winnower

This compact, state-of-the-art winnower can separate out up to 20 - 30 lbs (10-15KGs) with manual metering dispenser and 40 - 50 lbs (20-25KGs) with motorized metering dispenser of cracked cocoa beans per hour. Using advanced airflow techniques, CocoaT basic Winnower efficiently separates cocoa nibs (cacao nibs) and husk, minimizing waste and cross contamination. Our unique husk collection system with Cyclone Separator ensures dust-free operation and microbial containment. It is ideal to use in any production environment.

The CocoaT basic Winnower has been rigorously tested and constantly improved to achieve 99.9% nib/husk separation in a single pass. It has a small footprint of less than 2 sq.ft (about 0.2sq. meters) – fits even in small production space.  The see-through front plate of the winnower column, transparent cyclone separator and husk collection box makes it a show-stopper when used in front of customers or guests. People are mesmerized watching the separation process. It provides a great curb appeal.

The CocoaT basic Winnower package includes the main separation column, a collection Stand and tray to hold clean nibs, cyclone separator to filter the dust, husk collection box to collect husk and dust, vacuum for air flow and air flow regulator for adjusting the air flow for efficient separation of nibs. Assembly is simple and requires only a hex key (taped to the unit for convenience) and a 10 mm wrench. It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble the complete unit.

This is the best winnower available in the market for the price and performance.


You can also upgrade it to the CocoaT deluxe Winnower


What is the difference between the CocoaT basic and CocoaT deluxe Winnowers?

The operating principle to efficiently separate the husk from the nibs, during winnowing process is same for both CocoaT basic and deluxe Winnower.  Both of them have closed husk collection system.

The main difference comes from the way the vacuum generator is connected to the cyclone separator.  In CocoaT basic winnower it is directly connected to the top of the cyclone separator through airflow adjustor.

If you decide to convert your CocoaT basic winnower to CocoaT deluxe winnower at a later time, upgrade kit is available.

Metering dispenser:

Metering dispenser regulates the flow of cracked cocoa beans through the separation column and gives the best separation of nibs and husk. Without the metered dispenser, there is variation in the speed depending on the operator adding the cracked beans. It reduces the separation efficiency and throughput of the unit. Metering dispenser provides consistent results with higher throughput.


  • Can separate 10-25 KGs (20 - 50 lbs) of cracked cocoa beans effectively in single pass into clean nibs & husk with no nibs
  • Separates more than 99% of husk in single pass
  • Dust is contained with husk in the husk collector and does not spread around the room
  • Hygienic to use under any manufacturing condition
  • Almost no husk mixed in nibs and almost no nibs mixed with husk
  • Maximum yield of nibs – less wastage of money
  • See through mechanism is a show stopper when used in front of customers - increases curb appeal




  • 750W Vacuum
  • Available in 110V and 220V
  • With Manual Metering Device - Separate out 20 - 30 lbs (10 - 15KGS) of cracked Cocoa beans per hour 
  •  with Motorized Metering Device - Separate out 40 - 50 lbs (20 - 25KGS) of cracked Cocoa beans per hour




Vacuum cleaner
Air flow regulator
LED light strip




Metered dispenser:

Metering dispensers regulate the flow of cracked beans through the separation column and gives the cleanest nibs and husk. We developed this accessory because we noticed that people were adding the cracked beans in different speeds – add it too fast and it does not separate correctly: add it too slow and one is losing efficacy. Metering device makes it consistent for best results.


Manual Metering Device: Cost: US$300 + S&H

Motorized Metering Device: Cost: US$600 + S&H