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Cocoa is More Than Chocolate - Improving Income with Chocolat Inn & Cafe
Join Dustin Cornett, chocolate maker, co-owner and operator of the Chocolat Inn & Café, as he shares how to have...
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Tempering Tips & Tricks for Tropical Climates 
Do you live in a tropical region? Do you struggle with tempering chocolate properly due to power problems, lack of...
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Equipment Basics - Keep your ECGC-65A/E Running Forever
Regular maintenance takes less effort and cost, and keeps ECGC-65A/E machines working for ever. Why routine maintenance of equipment is...
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Meet Amanda Jo Wildey
Amanda Jo “AJ” Wildey is an anthropologist and certified cacao and chocolate taster based in Lima, Peru. AJ has conducted...
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Flavors of Peru - Empowering Chocopreneurs© Webinar:
In 2012, Peru secured its reputation as a fine cacao destination as the craze for its Piura blanco bean spread...
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Are you a woman entrepreneur looking to build a successful business plan? Are you looking to improve or learn new...
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