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Cameroon Cocoa: What Makes it Special

Cameroon Cocoa: What Makes it Special

Did you know that Cameroon is one of the highest cocoa producing countries in the world? Do you wonder what makes Cameroon cocoa special and what life is like for cocoa farmers in Cameroon? Join us for an Empowering Chocopreneurs© webinar that will give us a first hand look into Cameroon Cocoa and what makes it special.


Topic: Cameroon Cocoa: What Makes it Special
Presenters: Paul Bup and members of the Fire Mountain team


Paul and the team will share about:


  • The unique agricultural heritage of Cameroon
  • Cocoa growing in volcanic soil around Mount Cameroon (Mungo Ma Ndemi), an active volcanic mountain
  • Building a sustainable model that creates fair gains for farmers and farming communities by paying a living wage


They will share their journey and mission of bringing the farmers and farming communities closer to chocolate loving consumers! 


We will learn about cocoa farmers in Cameroon and their unique advantages of growing the cocoa in the volcanic soil around Mount Cameroon (Mungo Ma Ndemi), an active volcanic mountain.  They will also talk about the importance of authentic CRS by looking at some of the projects they are currently supporting and the importance of having visible benefits of the industry in cocoa growing communities.


Event Date: Saturday August 13th
Event Time: 10 am - 12 Noon Atlanta time (-4 GMT)
Location: Virtual


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