Q&A from Cocoa is More Than Chocolate

Q&A from Cocoa is More Than Chocolate

Q&A from Cocoa is More Than Chocolate Blog Post

CocoaTown would like to thank the attendees to our Cocoa is More Than Chocolate Webinar brought to you as part of "Empowering Chocopreneurs" series. Our guest speaker Wayne Cezair was kind enough to answer the questions put in the chat.


We have created a blog post with his answers so it will stay as a valuable resource. Big Thank you to Wayne Cezair on behalf of all attendees and all readers who will benefit from this blog.   

What does he make with the flour?
We make cookies, brownies, muffins etc. Because it is not glutinous you have to use a gluten substitute like egg, bananas etc. for stickiness, so bread would be hard to make but there are many things that can be made with it.

What would you suggest as products EASY and SAFE to elaborate by small farmers associations or individual farmers, to diversify and make use of cacao juice (baba), pods, etc.?
If you want to use the pulp, it can be reduced to a sour/sweet compote or maybe even dried in a dehydrator to make some kind of candy. Of course, ice cream can be made from it but the sweetness of these products will be much less than the treats children have become accustomed to so they may need the addition of honey or even limited sugar to make them more palatable. For now, there is nothing you can do that I have thought of with the pods directly for consumption.

What size cocoa town melanger does he use?
We use the ECGC-12SLTA for our experimental work which can produce up to seven pounds of chocolate, so it's the easiest way to experiment and of course multiple units can be used together to upscale production until you need bigger machines like the ABI 50.

Wayne Cezair do you have any social net to check?

Our Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/CocoaPodChocolate and/or our website https://cocoapodchocolate.wixsite.com/cocoa-synergy/home-1   


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