Communicating & Educating through Storytelling

Communicating & Educating through Storytelling

Chocolate makers are an ambitious, passionate and skilled group of people. But effective communication might not always be within their skillset.

Nick Saxby is a former (and perhaps current) teacher, and campaigner; and one of his roles at Cocoa Runners is to communicate and educate chocolate consumers about why craft chocolate is distinct, and why it matters.

They’ve had tens of thousands of people attend their tasting sessions, and Nick has garnered a lot of insights about what people connect with. He would like to share some ideas and suggestions with chocolate producers, and other people in the chocolate world, about how to get messages across, tell stories, and engage with consumers in a meaningful way.

Topic: Communicating & Educating through Storytelling
Presented by: Nick Saxby from Cocoa Runners
Date: Saturday, September 3rd
Time: 10 am – 12 Noon Atlanta time (GMT -4)
Location: Virtual

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