Meet Mónica Lozano of La Rifa Chocolatería

Meet Mónica Lozano of La Rifa Chocolatería

Meet the Presenter - Monica Ortiz Lozano - La Rifa Chocolatería

Topic: Chocolates with Identity
Presenter: Monica Ortiz Lozano from La Rifa Chocolatería, Mexico

Mónica Lozano

La RifaA psychologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. For several years she has dedicated herself to learning, sharing, and feeling the culture of cacao and chocolate.

She co-founded La Rifa Chocolatería, a Mexican project focused on transforming cacao into chocolate. La Rifa Chocolatería works hand in hand with cacao-producing families, whose agroforestry plantations allow the conservation of the biodiversity of the Mexican Southeast. In La Rifa, we make traditional drinking chocolate and single-origin chocolate bars.

Mónica is one of the creative minds behind La Rifa Chocolatería, in charge of the audiovisual documentation of the fieldwork and the productive work carried out in the chocolate atelier.

She also directs commercial relations and special collaborations with national and international projects (Dark Matter Coffee, Claro BK, Jacobo and Maria Angeles, Shake Shack Mexico).

She has given tastings and chocolate tastings in different restaurants and international venues throughout the United States. She was invited as a workshop facilitator for the Grenada Chocolate Festival in 2018. In 2021 she was part of the qualifying jury at the Cacao of Excellence.

Monica has found in the path of cacao and chocolate, the perfect motivation to rediscover the exciting world of human relationships and the construction of these from the bio-culture that surrounds the cacao seed.

Join Monica and CocoaTown as we journey through each step on the path from cacao to chocolate.

Date: August 27th
Time:10:00 am - 12 noon Atlanta Time (-4 GMT)
Location: Virtual


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