Learning the Ropes of Roasting with Alain d'Aboville

Learning the Ropes of Roasting with Alain d'Aboville

Learning the Ropes of Roasting with Alain d'Aboville

Ropes of Roasting
There really is no magic formula to determining the best cocoa bean roasting time and temperature across the board because different size beans, bean variety and origin need a unique roasting profile to get the desired result. But with knowledge, patience and practice the fine art of roasting can be one of the most rewarding steps of the chocolate making process. It is the first part of the process where the chocolate maker begins to put their creative touch on the final product.

Roasting achieves a number of things:

During the fermentation process bacteria, fungi and molds grow. Roasting acts as a way to sterilize the beans from these undesirable pathogens.

Since water and chocolate don’t mix it is important to reduce the moisture content of the cocoa beans. Roasting reduces the water content by a significant amount which makes the grinding process much easier.

Roasting the cocoa beans also helps to separate the outer husk from the inner bean and makes cracking and winnowing less of a challenge.

Various chemical reactions occur during roasting that play a leading role in the flavor development. It is during this step that the vinegar smell that is a product of fermentation is removed and the distinct chocolate flavor and nature of the particular bean is brought to life.

During this webinar we will be Learning the Ropes of Roasting Cocoa Beans with Alain d'Aboville. Why it is important and the steps to achieving your roasting goals.

Join us Saturday April 17th from 10 am – 12 noon Atlanta time (GMT -5) for Learning the Ropes of Roasting an Empowering Chocopreneurs© webinar with Alain d'Aboville

Register to get webinar recording - https://forms.gle/hFATB5smGxSZnozb7

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