Flavors of Peru - Empowering Chocopreneurs© Webinar:

Flavors of Peru - Empowering Chocopreneurs© Webinar:

The Flavors of Peru: Origin Stories from Peruvian Chocolate Makers

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In 2012, Peru secured its reputation as a fine cacao destination as the craze for its Piura blanco bean spread across North America and Europe. In the decade since, we have been able to appreciate the unique richness of Peru’s cacao on a more local level thanks to the skill of the ever-growing ranks of Peruvian chocolate makers.

Each Peruvian chocolate maker has a unique story. For some, cacao came to them as an alternative crop to illicit coca growing. For others, working with cacao is a tradition passed down across generations. For all, cacao is their medium of choice for sharing their world with those who try their chocolates. We are excited to share a collection of their stories with you, as well as the story of El Cacaotal, the first space dedicated to Peruvian cacao and chocolate in Lima, Peru.

For this webinar, 3 Peruvian chocolate makers are sharing their journey with Peru’s unique cacao diversity:

  • Carmen de Siancas from Scrap & Chocolates scours her native Piura for different cacaos worthy of a special edition appearance in her nano-batch collection.
  • Alex Gamarra and Dayanna Huamán from Miroshnik have elevated the cacao that grows on their family’s farm in Ayacucho from anonymity to chocolate rockstar status.
  • Virgilio Garcia leads the flavor development and chocolate making area of the Pangoa Cooperative to showcase the expertise of its farmer associates, from tree to bar.

The Peruvian chocolates from these chocolatemakers will be available for purchase as an exclusive tasting box edition from El Cacaotal’s website.


Empowering Chocopreneurs© Webinar:

Topic: The Flavors of Peru: Origin Stories from Peruvian Chocolate Makers 
Presenter: Amanda Jo Wildey of El Cacaotal, Peru 
Date: Saturday, May 22, 2021
Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Atlanta time (GMT-5)

We will hear the stories, difficulties, successes of making chocolates in Peru from these chocolate makers: 

- Carmen de Siancas from Scrap & Chocolates, exploring Piura
- Pangoa Cooperativa, coop-run chocolate company
- Alex and Dayana from Miroshnik, tree to bar, young family farmer initiative 

Here is the link to register. 


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