Challenges of Converting to Organic Cocoa Farming

Challenges of Converting to Organic Cocoa Farming

Challenges of Converting to Organic Cocoa Farming


Leslie Agyare, founder of Three Mountains Cocoa in Ghana will share his story of building solid foundations and forging key alliances, such as a collaboration with other farmers to create a cooperative union consisting of 7 village hamlets, spearheaded by his company’s vision and aligned with the communities’ needs. Through this holistic approach to organic livelihoods, his brand Three Mountains Cocoa understands that this close connection is vital to sustainability, yet rarely seen across the industry. He will share how this approach provides the opportunity for direct farmer participation in the vision and implementation of the company’s organic cocoa projects.

Leslie will share his mission and vision for the project through this conversation. We will get a first-hand look into the mind and works of a visionary in cocoa.

Leslie Agyare unites his rich heritage in cocoa with a dynamic approach to innovative farming techniques. Coming from a high-level career in the UK food and beverage industry, Leslie has thoroughly researched and developed every stage of the project, building a network of experts and specialists from the cocoa world in the process.

“My vision for Three Mountains Cocoa is to create a premium organic cocoa brand underpinned by an active socially responsible business model. With the correct approach, quality natural ingredients can go hand in hand with sustainable farming that removes the risks of harmful chemicals, and I am passionate about making this happen.” 

Join CocoaTown and Leslie Agyare Saturday April 9th for this unique opportunity.

Date: Saturday April 9 2022
Time: 10 am - 12 Noon Atlanta time
Topic: Challenges of Converting to Organic Cocoa Farming

Leslie Agyare

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