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Communicating & Educating through Storytelling
Chocolate makers are an ambitious, passionate and skilled group of people. But effective communication might not always be within their...
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Meet Mónica Lozano of La Rifa Chocolatería
A psychologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. For several years she has dedicated herself to learning, sharing, and...
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Chocolates with Identity
Every single one of the chocolates made has its own identity. The origin of the cacao, the agricultural system from...
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Meet Paul Bup and members of the Fire Mountain team
Paul Bup, The Cameroon Chocolate Manufacturer is a Co-Founder and Director of Fire Mountain Ltd, a luxury chocolate company specialising...
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Cameroon Cocoa: What Makes it Special
Did you know that Cameroon is one of the highest cocoa producing countries in the world? Do you wonder what...
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Cristina Castellanos Stephens & Vera Geling
Vera is one of the driving forces behind Into Choco, a Dutch-based startup building a transparency and communications tool for...
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