Meet Rodney North

Meet Rodney North

Meet the Presenter - Rodney North

Rodney North

Rodney North is a business management and marketing consultant, with a focus on small-scale, food-based businesses, cooperatives and social enterprises. Formerly he was the marketing director for the  nonprofit certifier Fairtrade America, and before that (1996-2015) he was an employee-owner, board director, and Public Relations Manager (aka "The Answer Man") for Equal Exchange, a leading U.S. brand in fair trade, organic chocolate, cocoa, coffee and other specialty foods and produce.

Join CocoaTown and Rodney North as we learn to make marketing easy.

This webinar will offer an introduction to the basics of product marketing for small-scale food producers, with an emphasis on sales within the USA and Canada.

We will cover what firms need to do to market their products to the USA market, what marketing is and is not, the different components of marketing, how to draft a marketing strategy, some best practices, pros and cons of different marketing options, and considerations for:  where, when, and how much to invest in marketing.

Topic: Marketing Basics for Small-Scale Producers
Presenter Name: Rodney North
Date: Saturday May 7th
Time: 10:00 am - 12 noon Atlanta Time

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