Meet the Panelist Reyna Flores

Meet the Panelist Reyna Flores

Meet The Panelist Reyna Flores

Our next webinar on "Empowering Chocopreneurs©" webinar series is a panel discussion on the effects of recipe and process on equipment. We, at CocoaTown, have assembled a group of accomplished chocolate makers from around the world to share their tips on this topic.

We are excited to introduce panelist Reyna Flores from Siij Chocolate Ancestral, Mexico.

Reyna Flores

Reyna Flores was born in Mexico City and moved to southern Mexico, where she has worked as a dentist for more than 3 decades in the heart of cocoa tree plantations. There she got to know many cocoa producers from the area and the trouble they faced when the time came to sell their harvest.  The fact that they received so little pay for their hard work had an impact on Reyna.

Four years ago, she began thinking about retirement and what to do for the rest of her life. She almost automatically knew that she wanted to make chocolates. Her desire to give more value to the cocoa beans and achieve more economic stimuli for the hard work of the local farmers that had developed over the years led her to establish her own chocolate brand Síij Chocolate Ancestral.

“I declare myself chocoholic since I was very young, so I really love making chocolate. I am very happy in the environment of my chocolate salon, I believe one infuses feelings in the things one make, my chocolates go to the market loaded with love and empathy. My final goal is to develop a contemporary chocolate offer not only to the local market but to the national and international markets. Historical background has shown us that Tabasco, Mexico is the cradle of chocolate. Let me tell you that Siij Chocolate Ancestral S A S was born in that same cradle, a brand with cultural heritage from the past and vision for the future. At Síij Chocolate Ancestral, we keep in mind the historical traditions of the Olmec culture when making chocolate from washed cocoa beans. It is good to be lavado it is good to be delicious” – Reyna Flores

Join Reyna and the rest of our esteemed panelist as they share their passion and experience as we discuss Process, Recipe and Equipment as a part of our "Empowering Chocopreneurs©" webinar series.

Saturday November 7th 10 -12 noon Atlanta time (EST) USA. for Process, Recipes, and Equipment - A Panel Discussion

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