Meet Dustin Cornett

Meet Dustin Cornett

Dustin & his wife Mai started their journey into the world of chocolate when they discovered Dustin’s grandmother’s old bonbon recipes. They wanted to add their own special touch to her amazing candies, so they began making their own chocolate to coat them. It only seemed fitting that they craft it from the bean to find the perfect chocolate to compliment her delectable bonbons.

They also own and operate the Chocolat Inn & Café, which is an 8 room bed and breakfast inn with a cafe attached that offers specialty coffee, pastries, and of course, their chocolate. 

Dustin says Cocoatown has been a great company to work with. "They are supportive in all aspects of our business.  I can tell they want us and our industry to truly succeed". 
Join Dustin as he shares about his journey.
Date: Tuesday, August 31st (Please note the change in the day & time)
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Atlanta Time
Topic: Cocoa is More Than Chocolate - Improving Income with Chocolat Inn & Cafe 
Presenter: Dustin Cornett - Chocolate Maker - Co-owner/Operator Chocolat Inn & Café


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