Meet Cristina M. Ramirez

Meet Cristina M. Ramirez

Meet The Presenter Cristina M. Ramirez - Empowered by Discomfort

Topic: Empowered by Discomfort
Presented by: : Cristina Ramirez
Date: Saturday, September 16th
Time: 10 am – 12 Noon Atlanta time (GMT -4)
Location: Virtual

Cristina M. Ramirez is a serial entrepreneur bringing her empowerment curricula to audiences everywhere - from children to corporations. Her programs have been implemented across 40 states, and with over 10,000 individuals from children to corporate executives.

A graduate of Wellesley College, veteran of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, Cristina is skilled at challenging limitations and finding possibilities. No stranger to significant difficulties, Cristina has made it her personal mission to empower others to face their challenges with confidence.

Cristina is a widowed single mom to two teenage boys, and best selling author of her book Empowered by Discomfort. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in her free time you are likely to find her snowboarding with her sons, hiking with the dogs, or cleaning the cat litter.

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