Light, Camera, Action

Light, Camera, Action

Join us for an inspiring and practical webinar with the talented chocolate educator, author and professional photographer Nettie Atkisson. Nettie will reveal the secrets to improving your photography skills with the power of light, and provide some easy tips and tricks to assist you in crafting share-worthy visual content.

Learn to harness the enchanting power of natural light to tell your story through images that will captivate and excite your audience.

Key takeaways:

Light - Why natural light and how to use it
Camera - Tips and trick on how to use your camera & smartphone
Action - Ideas on what to do on a shoot, what to shoot & tips on composition

Get ready to unlock your inner photographer! We can't wait to see you at the webinar.

Topic: Light, Camera, Action
Presented by: Nettie Atkisson
Date: Saturday, November 4th
Time: 10 am – 12 Noon Atlanta time (GMT -4)
Location: Virtual  


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