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Process, Recipe and Equipment Question and Answer by Esteemed Panelist Reyna Flores
Dr. Reyna Flores, panelist on the Process, Recipe and Equipment webinar brought to you as part of our Empowering Chocopreneurs...
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Care & Maintenance of CocoaTown Melangers
Are you looking to invest in your first melanger and want to know how easy it is to use and...
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Mayari Castellanos
Mayari Castellanos is a graduate archaeologist at the University of the Americas, Mexico with a postgraduate degree in ceramic restoration...
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CocoaTown Equipment Basics Series
Did you know that our customers are still using ECGC-12 melangers after 14 years? Do you want to use your melangers...
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Empowering Chocopreneurs - La Rifa
Empowering Chocopreneurs - La Rifa Co-written by Monica & Daniel Eduardo Rezza, Monica Lozzano & Fausto Reyes We are a project...
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Empowering Chocopreneurs Webinar Series Reaches participants in 45 Countries
Several months ago we came up with the idea to start our Empowering Chocoprenuers webinar series as a way to...
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