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Pioneering Craft Chocolate Technology

Want to create exceptional award-winning chocolates? Use CocoaTown’s innovative machines crafted specially for bean to bar chocolatemaking - roasters, crackers, winnowers, melangers, grinders and tempering machines. Buy complete kits with wear & parts to save money on purchase price + S&H + import costs and to minimize downtime when there is a need for wear & tear parts. Get expert guidance to choose the right machines for your budget, needs and location. Get high return on your investment on machines – they cost only a few pennies a day as they keep working even after a decade with minimum maintenance. Best of all, when we improve the machines with new accessories or parts, they are backward compatible – no need to buy a new machine. You can just buy the new parts/accessories and use it with no or minimum modification to your existing machine.

We are in the business of creating and empowering chocopreneurs (Entrepreneurs in chocolate industry) around the world. We have helped thousands of chocopreneurs in more than 100 countries through Equipment, Education, Exposure & Expertise while focusing on sustainability of the Cocoa farming, our Customers’ businesses & Environment. Customers receive support through phone, email, zoom, youtube videos etc.

CocoaTown machines are also multipurpose. CocoaTown melangers can also be used for Tahini, nut butters, nut pastes, nut milks, hummus, seed butters, rice milk & other gourmet foods. It can also be used for cosmetic industry to grind spaghnum moss for facepack. Find detailed uses of each machine in Other Uses page.

Key benefits:

  • Full range of equipment
  • Used by award-winning chocolate makers
  • Different sizes to suit needs & budget
  • Complete kits to save on S&H + import costs
  • High return on investment
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Upgrade easily -buy only new parts/accessories
  • Multipurpose

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Ali G, Scotland

"They were one of the first to develop these melangeurs for chocolate, and it's interesting to see how their product range has developed to include roasters and winnowers. I highly recommend working with Cocoa Town to start your bean to bar chocolate business."

Ellen and Rutger, Suriname

"What makes CT stand out in our opnion is that they keep improving through the close contact they maintain with their clients."

Donna W, US

"It feels more like a family than a partnership. They value customer service as well as superior quality in everything they do."


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