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Are you a Cocoa farmer or farmer cooperative looking for ways to increase your income? Our machines can help you to transform your beans to nibs, couverture or chocolate, so you can sell them as processed foods with longer shelf life than selling the beans at the commodity prices.

We want to highlight the example of how our machines have helped farmers to grow their economic wealth. Here is the excerpt from (late) Estanich detailing how he has helped his community. If you want to share your farmer story, please send it to us and we will publish them on our website. 

Manifesto Cacao Co Making Chocolate and Empowering Cocoa Farmers

Written by Estanich Grant Pinilla CEO, Manifesto Cacao Co - Fine Colombian Cocoa & Bean to Bar Chocolate

Manifesto Cacao Co, a Bogota-based company producing fine bean to bar chocolate as a validation result of what we do on the fields, we have been focusing on developing real value propositions within small coops and farmers collectives, building technical and business internal capacities, making forest conservation efforts and agreements that are fully transparent and traceable at the farm level.  

Manifesto Cacao Co team

Our company was founded by a husband/wife conservation activists team, with a passionate multidisciplinary think- thanks coming from the non-profit, public, and private sectors. Estanich: Cocoa expert, chocolatier, engineer specialized in Value chain creation; Johanna, forestry biotech engineer, Rural community development expert. Our complimentary experiences background and passions strengthen the backbone of our cocoa dream.  We have achieved to transform our passion into shared value

We have a rebellious vision of spreading the power of working together with the farmers as a team, that's why we've committed to tackling inefficiencies in the cocoa chain by transforming from the ground up delicious products that boost local direct trade and community consumption, vertical integration amongst stakeholders, and the creation of trustworthy relationships.....Read More