InnoWinno Winnower

InnoWinno Winnower is a revolutionary piece of equipment for artisan chocolate makers.This equipment is based on several years of research and current technology.

The complete system costs US$15000.

All our commercial processing units are configured for 220V power input. If you have any special power input requirements, please contact us at the time of ordering.

Under normal conditions the processing time is 4 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

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Commercial InnoWinno Winnower

InnoWinno Winnower is a high efficiency, high throughput compact system that separates husk from the cracked cocoa beans to yield clean nibs. This system is cheaper, compact, dust free and more efficient than the models available in the market.

Simply add the cocoa beans to the built in CocoaT power Cracker hopper, the cracked beans are passed through the winnower column and cocoa nibs fall into collection box while husk is collected in a separate container. High yield of nibs with minimum husk ensures high quality nibs, the precursor for the best chocolate. There is negligible amount of nibs in the husk and vice versa with a single pass.

Most of the winnowers in the market are huge machines but still require multiple passes of cracked beans to get acceptable results. Cracking the roasted beans properly is critical to efficient winnowing and most of the crackers in the market are not optimized for efficient winnowing.   Craft chocolate makers felt that significant amount of fine tuning is required for each batch of beans to get decent separation.  They were losing lot of nib powder with husk and getting lot of husk with the nibs in single pass. So we came up with a solution with patented cracker and winnower system that is designed for cacao beans to give best results.

Complete system includes CocoaT power Cracker, controller for power Cracker, blower system, collection boxes and control panel for winnower.

CocoaT power Crackers are very compact and have a foot print of less than 1.5 sq. foot (0.14 sq. m). The special patented rollers in the crackers pull the shell loose from the nibs. The beans are also cracked into bigger and more uniform pieces. Bigger and less variant size nibs means easier winnowing and higher yield of nibs. Better quality, cleaner nibs generate higher profit to chocolate makers. 

The CocoaT power cracker can crack about 100 kgs (220 lbs) of cocoa beans in an hour. This compact, stylish unit comes with DC motor, chain drive, metal gears, Stainless steel rollers, and stainless steel hopper. Patented stainless steel rollers are easy to disassemble and reassemble. They are easy to clean and handle. They also last longer.  With this design you do not need to adjust gap to handle different bean sizes.  Optional high capacity hopper extension is available to load larger amount of beans. The special rollers are designed to crack cocoa beans into bigger nibs and at the same time, they also pull the shells away from the nibs. Bigger nibs are easier to winnow and reduces the nib loss. 

The metal gears are outside the food contact area for hygiene and clean-ability. The metal drive is covered with stainless steel cover to avoid pinch-points. The 1/8 HP, DC motor is quieter in operation. The speed controller helps in regulating the cracker speed. 

The winnower contains patented multi-stage separation system to handle challenging situations such as cracked cocoa beans.  . The nibs are collected in the collection tray placed under the winnower column.  All the dust is collected along with the husk in the closed container. So it is hygienic to use this winnower in any manufacturing condition.  The entire system can be adapted to fit your current craft bean-to-bar chocolate process infrastructure.

The whole unit takes about 20 sq. ft. (1.86 sq. m.) space. The components in the food contact area are made of high quality stainless steel. The support columns are made of powder coated steel. The blower can be mounted on the wall to further reduce the space taken by the winnower system.

The winnower also comes with bean transfer system and hopper extension.


  • Compact – saves space & cost
  • Clean nibs – less husk in the nibs = better quality chocolate
  • Clean husk –no nibs with husk = better yield, less wastage =saves money
  • Quiet in operation
  • High Quality stainless steel in food contact areas – hygiene
  • Metal gears for built-in Cracker – Durable, less maintenance needed
  • Cracker Gears outside the food contact area – Hygiene, ease of access
  • Green equipment – uses less energy


Capacity 220 lb (100 kg)/hour
Dimensions 60’’ x 48’’ x 96“ (152 x 123 x 234 cm)
Footprint 5’ x 4’
Weight 220 lb (100 kg) 





Bean Transfer Mechanism: This accessory transports the beans from their container on the floor to the hopper extension. It eliminates the need for manual feeding of the hopper or hopper extension. Together, it eliminates manual work of feeding the beans continuously to the cracker hopper. It is also safer way to fill the hopper and eliminates the need for a worker to climb a ladder with beans on one hand, balancing to climb to fill the hopper.

Hopper Extension:

Hopper Extension holds 40 lbs of Cocoa Beans and dispenses the right amount of beans into the Power Cracker hopper. This helps with smooth operation of the cracker and winnower. In addition, this accessory eliminates the need for a person to stand next to the cracker and feed it constantly. One can fill up the hopper in minutes and then refill it as necessary. See through window helps to monitor bean level in the hopper.


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InnoWinno Winnower
InnoWinno Winnower