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CocoaT deluxe Winnower


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Voltage: 110V

  • 110V
  • 220V

Metered Dispenser: Motorized

  • Motorized
  • Manual


CocoaT deluxe Winnower

CocoaT deluxe Winnower is a compact system that efficiently separates the husk from the nibs in a single pass. The husk is collected in the collection box and there is no dust generated. It is hygienic and ideal for any manufacturing condition. The elegant stainless steel column can be displayed in front of the customers and they can see the separation process. The winnowing process is so efficient that the loss is less than 0.05%.  This is the most cost effective, compact winnower you will find in the world. All food contact areas are made of high quality stainless steel. 

Cleaning the winnower between the batches is very easy. Just use the vacuum cleaner attached and it blows off the debris from the winnower separation column. The hopper, nib collection tray are all removable for easy cleaning with soap and water.

The husk is collected in a sealed container and can be removed in a snap. 

The air flow is controlled by a stainless steel tube air regulator by simply adjusting how much it is closed. 

The unit Is streamlined so the vacuum cleaner tubes are not visible to the customer. This is a show stopper and people also love the visible separation of the husk and the nibs. The LED lights in the winnower separation column make this a true star.

What is the difference between the CocoaT basic Winnower and CocoaT deluxe Winnower?

The operating principle to efficiently separate the husk from the nibs, during winnowing process is same for both CocoaT basic and deluxe winnower.  Both of them have same closed husk collection system.

The main difference comes from the way the vacuum generator is connected to the cyclone separator.  In CocoaT basic winnower it is directly connected to the top of the cyclone separator. It is ok to use this in the kitchen away from customers. In CocoaT deluxe winnower the vacuum source is connected to the cyclone separator through a bent stainless-steel pipe attached to the main column.  Aesthetically the deluxe winnower looks more nicely built and makes it a great show piece.

If you decide to convert your CocoaT basic winnower to CocoaT deluxe winnower at a later time, upgrade kit is available.

Metered dispenser:

Metered dispenser regulates the flow of cracked cocoa beans through the separation column and gives the best separation of nibs and husk. Without the metered dispenser, the speed of cracked beans added to the column varies with the winnower operator. It reduces the separation efficiency and throughput of the unit. Metered dispenser provides consistent results with better throughput.

Manual Metering Device: Cost: US$300 + S&H

Motorized Metering Device: Cost: US$600 + S&H


  • Can separate 10-25 Kgs (20-50 lbs) of cracked cocoa beans effectively in single pass into clean nibs & husk
  • Separates more than 99% of husk in single pass
  • Dust is contained with husk and does not spread around the room
  • Hygienic to use under any manufacturing condition
  • Almost no husk mixed in nibs and almost no nibs mixed with husk
  • Maximum yield of nibs less wastage of money
  • See through mechanism is a show stopper when used in front of customers
  • Metered dispenser
  • US$1950 (with Manual Metering Dispenser) or US$2250 (with Motorized Metering Dispenser)




  • 750W Vacuum cleaner
  • Available in 110V or 220V
  • With Manual Metering Dispenser - separate out 10-15KGs (20-30 lbs) of cracked cocoa beans per hour
  • With Motorized Metering Dispenser - separate out 20-25KGs (40-50 lbs) of cracked cocoa beans per hour


Additional information

Dimensions25 × 18 × 15 in
Voltage110V, 220V
Electrical Frequency50Hz, 60Hz
Metered DispenserManual, Motorized








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