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CocoaT power Cracker


CocoaT Power Cracker can crack up to 60lbs (28 kgs) of cocoa beans per hour. The CocoaT Power Cracker has stainless steel rollers with metal gears and stainless steel hopper assembly.

The complete system including the stainless steel hopper, variable speed controller with DC motor and a stainless steel collection box and stand.

Under normal conditions the processing time is 2-3 weeks. If you need urgently, please contact us and we will expedite your order.

We ship to countries around the world that are permitted by the US government. To estimate duties & taxes click here.


Voltage: 110V

  • 110V
  • 220V


CocoaT Power Cracker – 110V or 220V

CocoaT power Crackers are very compact and have a foot print of less than 1.5 sq. foot. Patented special rollers in the crackers pull the shell loose from the nibs in addition to cracking the beans. The beans are cracked into bigger pieces that are easier to winnow. Combination of CocoaT power Cracker and CocoaT winnower results in highest yield of nibs with less nibs in the husk and minimum husk in the nibs (less than 0.05% of nibs though industry standards allow almost 1.5% of husk in the nibs). Better quality, cleaner nibs generate higher profit to chocolate makers than cracking the cocoa beans in the regular crackers that crack the beans into smaller pieces.


 CocoaT power Cracker can be ordered in 110V or 220V version. It can crack more than 60 lbs (28 kgs) of cocoa beans in an hour. This compact, stylish unit comes with DC motor, chain drive, metal gears, Stainless steel rollers, and stainless steel hopper, stainless steel support stand, stainless steel collection box, etc. 


 All food contact components are made of food grade Stainless steel. Patented stainless steel rollers are easy to disassemble and reassemble. They are easy to clean and handle. They also last longer.


 The metal gears are outside the food contact area for hygiene and clean-ability. The metal drive is covered with stainless steel cover to avoid pinch-points. The 1/8 HP, DC motor is quieter in operation. The speed controller helps in regulating the cracker speed.


 CocoaT power Cracker costs US$1950 + S&H.


  • Result of extensive customer feedback for over 2 years. Highly satisfied customer base.
  • Specifically designed for challenging cocoa beans – cracked cocoa beans (naturally due to fermentation) produce wide range of nib sizes and husk sizes.
  • Produces minimum fines
  • Produces large husk pieces
  • Pulls off the husk from the beans – minimum chance of husk remaining with nibs after cracking
  • Easy to clean – disassemble and assemble
  • No need to replace the rollers for years – self sharpening
  • Easy to repair damaged rollers if metal pieces or hard rocks were accidentally introduced along with beans
  • Perfect companion for CocoaTown winnowers
  • Simple, compact, rugged and elegant – mostly stainless steel parts and metal gears – long life
  • Available in manual as well as motorized options.
  • High throughput.
  • Spare parts easily available
  • Patent pending design
  • Stainless steel rollers – Hygienic & long lasting
  • Specially designed rollers to strip the skin from the nibs
  • Compact footprint – Saves space
  • High quality stainless steel– Elegant, Hygienic, Easy to clean
  • Hopper – self feeding – More efficient operation
  • Metal Gears– Long lasting, less maintenance
  • Gears outside food contact area – Hygiene and easy to handle
  • High quality stainless steel rollers with unique, patented design
  • DC motor – Quiet in operation
  • Speed controller – Adjustable for different speeds of cracking
  • Stainless steel collection box and support stand


Cost: US$1950 + S&H


Other uses:

Breaks non-oily or less oily shelled nuts



    • Capacity – cracks >60 lbs (28 kgs) of beans/ hour
    • Motor – 1/8 HP, DC motor -available in 110V or 220V version
    • Warranty – 1 year limited warranty for any manufacturing defect
    • Weight – ~ 45 Lbs (20 kgs) – shipped in 2 boxes

    Additional information

    Weight52 lbs
    Dimensions24 × 14 × 15 in
    Voltage110V, 220V
    Electrical Frequency50Hz, 60Hz


    Spare parts Available:


    Stainless steel rollers – US$300 each
    Stainless steel hopper – US$300
    Stainless steel collection box + support stand- US$300
    DC motor – US$300
    Speed controller – US$250
    Metal gears – US$50 each
    Chain drive – US$20
    Sprocket – US$15 each