This is to tell you a story that is already “his-story”. During two months of cocoa pulp and chocolate sensory studies I discovered that 99% of all RCI trees represent fine cocoa varieties! This is based on the pulp vs chocolate sensory traits discovered long ago by me. A total of 104 unique pulp sensory profiles were identified each with interesting combinations of 31 aromas and fruit flavors. 50 selected profiles were transformed into chocolates the expressed strongly any aroma and flavor trait.
I found profiles that are the same as that of the Nacional (Herbal/Prune) and TSH (Lily/Muscat Raisin) fine varieties. So RCI will be able to produce its own in numerous fine varieties plus Arriba and TSH flavors within a few years.
The contradiction of fine cocoas vs commercial bulk qualities is explained by the fresh beans becoming very stressed and bitter  in traditional fermentation boxes while this does not occur with the Anima fermentations. So Anima was used to produce 50 different chocolates that are all fine chocolates.
One extrapolation can be made in that all hybrid cocoa producing countries will have the same fine cocoa richness. Such would mean that maybe 80% of all cocoa trees worldwide represent fine cocoa varieties.
Immediate valorisation of the RCI fine Cocoa treasury is to use Anima fermentations at large scale and to multiply the unique fine flavour varieties.
By Albertus Eskes

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