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CocoaT Mini Pregrinder


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Voltage: 220v

  • 110v
  • 220v


CocoaT Mini Pregrinder

CocoaT mini Pregrinder is more than a blender. This is a multipurpose unit which grinds, cracks, juices and pulverizes. 

There are two different blades. Use the longer blade for pregrinding, pulverizing and blending. Use the shorter blade for cracking cocoa beans. Unique blades grind without heating the ingredients and thus preserves nutrients. 

The unit comes with two different jars. Use the shorter jar for pregrinding nibs and sugar. It takes only  5 -10 seconds to pregrind sugar or cocoa nibs. Use the larger jar for smoothies, fruit juices etc. This is truly a multipurpose machine that you will be using in your kitchen every day. 


  • Two different size stainless steel jars
  • Unique blade design for efficient grinding
  • Two different blades for different functions
  • Wide jar design for easy operation and cleaning
  • Jars with built-in flow breakers for uniform grinding
  • Snap on lid for easy handling
  • Heavy duty 550W motor
  • Safety switch activated by locking the jar
  • Reset switch to protect the motor from overheating
  • Built-in cord storage compartment
  • Compact storage
  • One year limited warranty against any manufacturing defect
  • Costs US$175
  • S&H – US$25 within continental USA.
  • Call for S&H quote for outside continental USA delivery


Use the grinding blade in the jar (longer, sharper blade), add 1 cup of the ingredient, pulse it couple of times and then use speed 1 or 2 for 20 -30 seconds depending on the ingredient and how fine they have to be ground.

This is an ideal tool to pregrind cocoa nibs or nuts before grinding in the ECGC-12SL melanger. This pregrinding cuts the process time in the melanger up to 50%. Since cocoa nibs and nuts are ground to powder instead of paste, there is less waste of material.
cocoa nibs into cocoa powder
nuts into nut powders

Cracking cocoa beans:

It can crack cocoa beans in less than 10 seconds. Simply install the cracker blade (short, blunt blade) after removing the grinding blade. Add 1 cup of beans, close the lid, place the jar on the unit, pulse it couple of times and you have cracked beans. Since the beans are cracked into bigger pieces, the skin comes off easily.

Grinding / Pulverizing:

coconut into paste
fruits into smoothies and shakes
and much more.


Easy to clean and maintain.
Two stainless steel jars are designed to handle a teaspoon to one cup of ingredients.
Unique blades grind and pulverize the ingredients in seconds, preserving the heat sensitive nutrients.
Powdering the cocoa nibs instead of pregrinding into cocoa paste is easier to clean the jars. Also less wastage
of cocoa. 


  • Pregrinding cocoa nibs into powder – cleaning is easier, less wastage
  • Pregrinding sugar – makes it easy to add sugar (especially special sugars such as palm sugar that has bigger crystals) to the melanger. Reduces grinding time for sugar in the melanger
  • Powder nuts before adding them to melanger to make nut butters and nut milks
  • Make smoothies, milk shakes
  • Make fruit juices
  • Grind coconut pieces (less than 4 mm on any dimension) in room temperature (if they are frozen, thaw them by dipping in the hot water) into shredded coconut or add water to make coconut milk.



    • Motor                           – 550W, 110V or 550W, 220V
    • Jars                              – Stainless steel
    • Small Jar capacity         – 1/2 cup max
    • Large jar capacity         – 1 cup max
    • Foot Print                     – 12” x 6”
    • Weight                         – 10 lbs (4.5 kgs) with box