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Tension Gauge Mechanism for ECGC-65E


Critical process parameter monitoring device.  Measures the pressure/tension applied to the roller stones during grinding.

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Tension Gauge Mechanism for ECGC-65E:

Applying proper pressure on the roller stones is the most critical parameter to control the grinding/conching process.  Our standard ECGC-65E model is equipped with adjustable tension knob at left end of the lock arm. When the Chocolate Grinder is shipped from the factory it is calibrated to give optimum grinding force when the tension knob is turned clockwise ten turns. Use higher tension/pressure for grinding and minimum tension/pressure for conching. Upon use, the tension experienced by the stones will reduce due to normal wear and tear.

It is desirable to know the level of force applied to the stones to produce a better grinding consistency. The tension gauge monitors the tension of the stones by measuring the PSI. This accessory will also help to perform periodic maintenance and extend the life of the grinding and moving components.  More importantly it helps to provide consistent grinding between batches.

When grinding bigger cocoa nibs for cocoa liquor or nuts for nut butters, reducing the tension on the stones, extends the life of the roller stones.