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Conical Roller Stones For ECGC 12SQSS


Conical Roller Stones For ECGC 12SQSS

  • Also grinds tahini or nut butters
  • US$150 For set of 2 roller stones

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Conical Roller Stones For ECGC 12SQSS

The granite conical roller stones are easy to clean, handle and store. The conical roller stones serve dual function – grinding and conching.


Roller stones are made from high density granite that lasts for decades. The granite is sourced from a special region famous for grinding stones for centuries. This region has a special geographical marker.


Conical roller stones make complete contact on the grinding surface and grinds by crushing the ingredients. Wider grinding area also means better grinding and tighter distribution of 15-18 micron size particles. Crushing reduces the heat generation and preserves the nutrients and delicate flavors. Overall, it results in great tasting chocolate with great mouthfeel.


Conical roller stones weigh only 1/3 of the weight of cylindrical roller stones of the same size. Lightweight stones for easy handling. Less stress on the shoulders or for people who have special restrictions handling weights.


Sold in pairs. Just like changing car tires, you need to change both stones at the same time.


  • High density special granite - Durability
  • Conical stones grind by crushing - Preserves nutrients & flavors
  • Conical stones have wider grinding area - Tight distribution of particle size
  • Conical roller stones - Lightweight

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SQSS Conical Stone


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Weight4 lbs