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About CocoaTown

Since 2006, CocoaTown has been providing tools and machines to the best chocolate makers in the world. We have been side by side with the birth of the bean to bar movement in the USA and have followed it globally. We believe that machines are only one part of making great chocolate and invest in providing education & resources for Chocopreneurs. We design, develop, and manufacture patented machines to create some of the most awarded bean to bar chocolates, nut butters and other gourmet foods.

We are located in Alpharetta GA, USA but ship around the world. CocoaTown has received The Globe Award for exporting to new markets, from the State of Georgia for 2018 & 2019.

We provide education and training in the Bean to Bar process. We also help our customers to participate and sell their chocolates in international chocolate festivals.


Empowering Chocopreneurs Webinars Redefining Connection, Collaboration and Education.

As a small business, especially a minority-owned business, capital can be hard to find, especially during a pandemic. When the sales are down, it is harder to invest money to learning additional skills or broaden knowledge. So we at CocoaTown, decided to help chocolatemakers and cocoa farmers by providing free webinars on chocolate processes, business resilience, and resources to find funding. Our webinars happen twice a month and are attended by participants from about 40 countries. The recorded webinars are available for anyone interested.

Three Day Hands On Intensive Bean to Bar Workshop Creating and Empowering the Next Generation

Are you planning to start a Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate business? Are you a chef, pastry chef, or chocolatier who sees opportunities for craft chocolate within the culinary arts? Do you simply love to understand how your food is made or just love chocolate? We have the workshop for you.

CocoaTown’s intensive three-day, hands-on Bean to Bar workshop will cover all aspects of making chocolate starting from selecting, sorting, and roasting cocoa beans to making finished products, packaging and business processes.
Participants will also learn how to build a successful business plan and become a successful chocolate maker