Salon du Chocolat Paris

CocoaTown is committed to supporting chocopreneurs like you, and we're here to share our expertise and showcase our newest equipment designed to enhance your chocolate-making journey. You will meet three of our customers who are sharing our booth and taste their chocolates (details of these companies are listed below). You can also interact with James Beard award winner and chocolatemaker Chef Erika Cline at our booth.

Together, we are set to create a vibrant and diverse showcase of chocolate excellence. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of chocolate and connect with fellow cocoa enthusiasts.

We look forward to seeing you at the Chocolat Festival Portugal & Salon du Chocolat Paris!

Companies sharing our booth:

Okochoco, Benin owned by Maxime Elegbede

Maxime ELEGBEDE's is dedicated to sourcing high-quality cocoa beans directly from farmers, paying them 20% more than market price. Their commitment goes beyond fair compensation; they provide farmers with essential training on cocoa plantations, trimming, and fermentation. Maxime's story is that of a former banker turned solution-provider for Benin farmers who were compelled to sell their cocoa beans at prices lower than the market rates to neighboring countries due to a lack of local buyers.

Social Media: #okochoko

Project Hope and Fairness - Dr. Tom Neuhaus, France

Project Hope and Fairness, established in 2006, focuses on helping African cocoa farmers earn more by producing semi-finished and finished chocolates in the village for sale locally and overseas.  Projet Espoir et Equité is a sister non-profit established to market village-made chocolates in France.

Websites: &

Social media:  @Project Hope and Fairness  and @Le Comptoir du Cacao (Cordes sur Ciel) on Facebook

Pink Foods Industries and African Chocolate Company, 

Stephen Sembuya's Pink Foods Industries and African Chocolate Company are pioneers in the bean-to-bar chocolate business in East Africa. They proudly operate as cocoa farmers with the largest single-owned cocoa plantation in the region, spanning 640 acres. Their remarkable journey has garnered global attention, with features on prominent media platforms like CNN, BBC, AFP, and CCTV. Their mission is to challenge the status quo by promoting the local production of cocoa and chocolates instead of exporting raw cocoa beans.

Social Media: @Pink Foods Industries and @African Chocolate Company on Facebook