Meet the 2021 Women Export U Cohort

CocoaTown President and Co-founder Andal Balu is one of the 26 female entrepreneurs in the first cohort of the Women Export University.

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The Mayor’s Office of International Affairs is pleased to introduce the 2021 cohort of the Women Export University, this group of amazing female entrepreneurs represents the diversity and range of industries that make Atlanta a hub for entrepreneurship and growth. The 26 female entrepreneurs participating in the first cohort of the Women Export University represent a range of industries including, manufacturing, education, retail, advertising and marketing, hospitality, energy, transportation, and high tech. The Women Export University curriculum will equip entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to become globally competitive and increase the participation of women-owned businesses in international trade. The curriculum covers topics ranging from e-commerce, to incoterms, warehousing and custom regulations. 

The Women Export University is a partnership between the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of International Affairs and UPS that aims to increase the participation of women-owned business in  exporting and create more opportunities for women entrepreneurs to achieve economic equality.

Edna N, Philippines

""I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CocoaTown for this chance of learning lots of things about cacao and chocolate making.""

Peter A, Nigeria

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to have watched the video recording. It was such a rich webinar. I fully appreciate this wonderful model of partnership which fosters and encourage us working together to escape this vicious circle of poverty that has been the lot of producers in origin countries."

Ellen and Rutger, Suriname

"With the Chocopreneurs Webinar Series a platform has been created that brings together professionals from all over the field on a multitude of industry-related topics, CocoaTown is further cementing their status as one of the mainstays of the craft fine or flavour cacao industry."