Chef & Chocolatier, Archaeologist – Restorer
Kakaw Museo & Chocolatería Cultural México

Mayari Castellanos is a member of the International Scientific Committee on Chocolate Flavors in the World. A lover of traditional cuisine and gastronomy, she has specialized in the art of making chocolates. She is the CEO of the KAKAW Museum – Chocolate Factory – Plantations and also co-owner of the restaurant “La Capitania”. It is here she did her specialization in gastronomic restoration, studying the cuisine and culinary heritage of the colonial times. She has received the awards “NationalHeritage of Flavor” y “CulinaryExcellence”. She has represented Mexico in national and international stage since 2010, spreading the history and evolution of cocoa to chocolate.

She has exhibited the line of chocolate bars from her Kakaw Museum at various exhibitions around the world. She has given lectures at the world’s largest chocolate event, Salon du Chocolat, in venues like Paris, Madrid and Brazil. She has also been an exhibitor at the Eurociocolate, IT., as well as various chocolate festivals in Central America. She has also participated in Salon Chocolate Mexico, Cacao para todos, Festival del Chocolate Tabasco-MX, Salon Gourmet, to name a few. She has been a professor of Archeology, World Heritage and Food Culture for the University of Chiapas and comes from a family that loves culture, gastronomy and cocoa. She is a graduate archaeologist at the University of Americas, MX., with a post graduate degree in ceramic restoration and conservation.

She is also an associate researcher at INAH Mexico and the New World Archaeological Foundation, UT. She has dedicated herself to spreading the enormous historical and cultural legacy of cocoa, the importance of this sacred fruit for the pre-Hispanic indigenous people and to showcase the benefits of chocolates. Other than being a chocoholic she is also a Cultural promoter, juice therapy lover and passionate about the Mayan traditional arts.

Passion for chocolate, in love with culture!!