Maintenance Kits

Do you want to:
  • Save money on buying 5 years worth of the normal wear and tear parts?
  • Spend less on S&H charges on ordering parts?
  • Reduce the downtime by having the parts on hand when needed?

We listened to our customers and realized that they have to spend more money on importing normal wear & tear parts. We created maintenance kits with 5 years worth of spare parts so you will have these parts ready when you need. It reduces the downtime and increases the efficiency of your production. 
You can choose the maintenance kit you want along with the machine you are ordering with no significant change in the S&H. Or you can order the maintenance kit and reduce the s&H significantly compared to buying them one at a time.

For Complete Kits:

For Melangers:

Maintenance Kits for ECGC-12SL

SL kit

Maintenance Kit for ECGC-12SL with Conical Stones


SL kit 2

Maintenance Kit for ECGC-12SL with Conical & Cylindrical Stones



Maintenance Kits for ECGC-12SLTA

SLTA kit
SLTA kit 2


Maintenance Kits for ECGC-12SQSS

SQSS kit 1
SQSS kit 2


For Grinders: