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Innovation in Fine Chocolate Products – Andal Balu

RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENCE IN FINE CHOCOLATE: The Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) is proud to host the Recognition of Excellence awards to recognize outstanding fine chocolate industry professionals and companies for their significant contributions to our segment of the industry. We hope that by hosting these awards, fine chocolate professionals world-wide will continue to explore their passion and innovate, set trends, and raise the overall quality of our industry. The FCIA does not issue awards as platitudes. These awards are determined by industry peers and recognize real achievement and contributions. We do not guarantee that each award category will have a winner – nor do we limit the number of winners per category. Nominations are provided by professionals across the chocolate industry and are not gated by FCIA membership. Similarly, nominees/winners do not have to be an FCIA member. However, to vote – you do need to be a FCIA member.