Commercial Kit Catalog

Expand and Grow BEAN TO BAR PROCESS with CocoaTown Commercial Scale Machines

Are you Expanding and Growing your Bean to Bar business and want to exhibit the process in front of your customers? Now CocoaTown has a complete Commercial scale kit with all the accessories ($38500 F.O.B. Atlanta– includes more than $1000 discount for buying as a complete kit). Better yet, do you want to learn the Bean to Bar process from International experts? Combine the workshop and complete commercial kit for $39500– F.O.B. Atlanta.

Our equipment and workshop are preferred for educating customers, chocolate tours, museums, universities etc.

Special features of CocoaTown Equipment:

  • Innovative
  • High Quality Components
  • High ROI (Return On Investment) – costs only a few pennies a day
  • Long lasting – machines working 24/7/365 since 2007 with minimum maintenance
  • High throughput – Less wastage of materials – more profit
  • Food Grade Stainless steel parts in food contact areas
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Simple to use & maintain
  • Compact for their size
  • Multipurpose
  • Energy efficient
  • Affordable
  • Constant improvement based on customer feedback
  • US wiring and motors
  • Patented mechanism
  • Available in 110V or 220V except CocoaT junior Roaster
  • Customizable for country of use
  • Used by award winning chocolatemakers around the world for nearly a decade      

CocoaT commercial Roaster

commercial roaster

CocoaT commercial Roaster is a heavy duty Stainless steel roaster. The unit comes with roasting drum that can roast up to 20 lbs of cocoa beans in a single batch. The temperature and timer control lets the user customize it depending on the cocoa beans used.

The roaster drum comes with latch to lock and unlock the door. Simply release the latch and the drum door drops. Add the beans into the drum. Once the beans are added, latch the door back for roasting. After the roasting is done, place the collection tray inside the roaster, release the latch and let the drum rotate and no heat setting. The contents are emptied into the optional collection tray. This tray helps to remove the roasted beans faster for cooling.

The unit also comes with sampling port to remove the beans for tasting without interrupting the roasting process.

This roaster can also be used for roasting nuts such as almonds, pistachios, pecans, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, Hazel nuts, etc. Customized roaster drum is available at additional cost for roasting grains, pulses, lentils, sesame seeds etc.

The actual unit may be different than the one on the picture as we constantly improve the machine based on our customers’ feedback.


  • Electronic temperature controller
  • Digital Timer
  • Buzzer to alert the preset time is up
  • Sampling port to check the beans without interrupting the roasting cycle
  • High quality Stainless steel
  • Transparent door for monitoring
  • built-in tungsten lamp to ensure even heating
  • energy efficient
  • Temperature range from 50C to 300C (122 F – 572F)
  • easy to clean
  • easy to operate
  • safe to use
  • Fume hood not necessary


  • Capacity: 20 lbs of cocoa beans
  • Weight: 150 lbs
  • Size: 30” x 20” x 25” tall
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Price : $5900 (F.O.B. Atlanta) 

Technical Specifications for the motor:

  • Voltage - 220V
  • phase - 1 ph
  • Cycle - 60 HZ
  • Power - 2700W
  • Amps - 11.8A 

Optional accessories: CocoaT Max cooling Tray

CocoaT Max cooling Tray – Top tray doubles as collection tray for the roasted beans in the roaster.  Available in 110V or 220V. Place the top tray in the CocoaT commercial Roaster after roasting is done. Release the latch in the roaster drum. All the beans are collected in the top collection tray. Then remove the tray from the roaster and place it on the cooling mechanism and switch on the power. All the beans are cooled in less than 5 minutes.

  • Cools 10 Kgs of roasted beans in less than 5 minutes – prevents overcooking by residual heat in cocoa butter in cocoa beans or nut butters in the nuts
  • quiet in operation
  • $850 + S&H
  • 18”x19”x27” tall for cooling tray assembly
  • Blower – 18”x15”X16” tall 

Specifications: 220V unit

  • Voltage - 220V
  • phase - 1 ph
  • Power -1 HP
  • Amps – 3.75 

Specifications: 110V unit

  • Voltage - 110V
  • phase - 1 ph
  • Power -1 HP
  • Amps – 7.5

InnoWinno Winnower

InnoWinno Winnower

InnoWinno Winnower is a high efficiency, high throughput compact system that separates husk from the cracked cocoa beans to yield clean nibs. This system is cheaper, compact, dust free and more efficient than the models available in the market.

Simply add the cocoa beans to the built in CocoaT power Cracker hopper, the cracked beans are passed through the winnower column and cocoa nibs fall into collection box while husk is collected in a separate container. High yield of nibs with minimum husk ensures high quality nibs, the precursor for the best chocolate. There is negligible amount of nibs in the husk and vice versa with a single pass.

Most of the winnowers in the market are huge machines but still require multiple passes of cracked beans to get acceptable results. Cracking the roasted beans properly is critical to efficient winnowing and most of the crackers in the market are not optimized for efficient winnowing.   Craft chocolate makers felt that significant amount of fine tuning is required for each batch of beans to get decent separation.  They were losing lot of nib powder with husk and getting lot of husk with the nibs in single pass. So we came up with a solution with patented cracker and winnower system that is designed for cacao beans to give best results.

Complete system includes CocoaT power Cracker, controller for power Cracker, blower system, collection boxes and control panel for winnower.

CocoaT power Crackers are very compact and have a foot print of less than 1.5 sq. foot. The special patented rollers in the crackers pull the shell loose from the nibs. The beans are also cracked into bigger and more uniform pieces. Bigger and less variant size nibs means easier winnowing and higher yield of nibs. Better quality, cleaner nibs generate higher profit to chocolate makers. 

The CocoaT power cracker can crack about 100 kgs of cocoa beans in an hour. This compact, stylish unit comes with DC motor, chain drive, metal gears, Stainless steel rollers, and stainless steel hopper. Patented stainless steel rollers are easy to disassemble and reassemble. They are easy to clean and handle. They also last longer.  With this design you do not need to adjust gap to handle different bean sizes.  Optional high capacity hopper extension is available to load larger amount of beans. The special rollers are designed to crack cocoa beans into bigger nibs and at the same time, they also pull the shells away from the nibs. Bigger nibs are easier to winnow and reduces the nib loss.

The metal gears are outside the food contact area for hygiene and clean-ability. The metal drive is covered with stainless steel cover to avoid pinch-points. The 1/8 HP, DC motor is quieter in operation. The speed controller helps in regulating the cracker speed.

The winnower contains patented multi-stage separation system to handle challenging situations such as cracked cocoa beans.  . The nibs are collected in the collection tray placed under the winnower column.  All the dust is collected along with the husk in the closed container. So it is hygienic to use this winnower in any manufacturing condition.  The entire system can be adapted to fit your current craft bean-to-bar chocolate process infrastructure.

The whole unit takes about 20 sq. ft. space. The components in the food contact area are made of high quality stainless steel. The support columns are made of powder coated steel. The blower can be mounted on the wall to further reduce the space taken by the winnower system.

The winnower also comes with bean transfer system and hopper extension.

Bean Transfer Mechanism: This accessory transports the beans from their container on the floor to the hopper extension. It eliminates the need for manual feeding of the hopper or hopper extension. Together, it eliminates manual work of feeding the beans continuously to the cracker hopper. It is also safer way to fill the hopper and eliminates the need for a worker to climb a ladder with beans on one hand, balancing to climb to fill the hopper.

Hopper Extension:

Hopper Extension holds 40 lbs of Cocoa Beans and dispenses the right amount of beans into the Power Cracker hopper. This helps with smooth operation of the cracker and winnower. In addition, this accessory eliminates the need for a person to stand next to the cracker and feed it constantly. One can fill up the hopper in minutes and then refill it as necessary. See through window helps to monitor bean level in the hopper.

Priced attractively at $15000 for winnower and cracker combination.


  • Compact – saves space & cost
  • Clean nibs – less husk in the nibs = better quality chocolate
  • Clean husk –no nibs with husk = better yield, less wastage =saves money
  • Quiet in operation
  • High Quality stainless steel in food contact areas – hygiene
  • Metal gears for built-in Cracker – Durable, less maintenance needed
  • Cracker Gears outside the food contact area – Hygiene, ease of access
  • Green equipment – uses less energy


  • Weight - ~100 Kgs
  • Footprint – 5’ x 4’
  • Material – High quality Stainless steel in all food contact areas
  • Metal Gears
  • Patented design for cracker and winnower units
  • Price - $15000 F.O.B. Atlanta


CocoaTown ECGC-65E is the latest model grinder optimally designed to grind cocoa nibs into chocolate liquor or nuts into nut butters.  This is the latest version of ECGC-65A with lot of upgrades based on the feedback from chocolate makers around the world and lot of the chocolate makers who used ECGC-65A have won International awards for their chocolates.

ECGC-65E can grind 65 lbs of cocoa nibs to yield about 100 lbs of chocolate liquor. Two granite roller stones rotate on a bottom granite stone to grind the nibs the way European melangers did. Slow grinding the nibs preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients.

ECGC-65E chocolate Grindeur is constructed with high quality stainless steel for easy care and maintenance. Food contact materials are fabricated with 304 grade stainless steel.  The machine can be easily tilted to drain the product from the grinding vessel and to clean the drum after use.


US bought motor:
U/L listed motor and upgrade all other electrical components to U/L or CE listed parts.

Pressure Gauge
Pressure gauge is mounted on the lock arm and constantly measures the pressure on the grinding stone. The pressure on the stones can be adjusted and continuosly monitored so that the stones exert same pressure from batch to batch. Also the pressure can be released when adding the nibs or during the conching.

 SS wipers:
Stainless steel wipers (SS wipers) included.

SS lid:
Stainless steel lid is included.

Link Belts:
Best belts in the market. Long lasting. No stretching. No smell.

Electrical Specifications:

  • Motor – 2 HP, 220 V, three phase
  • Single phase Control panel – Hardwire to the wall - 220V single phase, 25 amp dedicated line
  • Three phase Control panel – Hardwire to the wall -220V, three phase 15 amp dedicated line

Technical Specifications:

  • Food contact areas – 304 grade stainless steel
  • Food splash zone -304 grade stainless steel
  • Stand, motor housing etc -202 stainless steel
  • Roller stones – High density granite with food grade Delrin insert
  • Base of the stainless steel drum - High density granite
  • Electrical components – CE/UL listed parts
  • Deluxe control panel – U/L certified stainless steel cabinet
  • Basic control panel -Industry standard powder coated steel cabinet
  • Gear oil – ISO 320 grade synthetic gear oil

Other Specifications:

  • Warranty – limited one year warranty
  • Size – 30” x 30” x 58” tall
  • Weight – ~ 600 Lbs
  • Weight with control panel - ~650 lbs


ECGC-65E Grindeur with basic control     -   $10500 F.O.B. Atlanta warehouse
ECGC-65E Grindeur with deluxe control   -   $12000 F.O.B. Atlanta warehouse

Optional accessories for ECGC-65E:

Control Panel:

We have two models of the control panels. Both models have to be hardwired to the wall. Hire a certified electrician to run a dedicated 25 amp, 220V single phase line and then hardwire the control panel to that line.

Deluxe Control Panel:

The CocoaT deluxe Control Panel is specially designed to precisely monitor and effectively control the chocolate grinding/conching process of ECGC-65 Grindeurs. The well designed control panel is built with Industry standard parts and U/L certified components in a custom built U/L certified stainless steel cabinet. It eliminates the need for several individual control/monitoring panels to save time and money during installation.  The control panel is designed to install at a customer specific configuration.

Costs $2500 + S&H

Basic Control Panel:

The CocoaT basic Control Panel is specially designed to precisely monitor and effectively control the chocolate grinding/conching process of ECGC-65 Grindeurs. This control panel is built with Industry standard parts with some U/L certified components in an Industry standard powder coated steel cabinet. It eliminates the need for several individual control/monitoring panels to save time and money during installation.  The control panel is designed to install at a customer specific configuration.

Costs $1500 + S&H

California Package:

Special SS wipers are made and are welded so there are no screws or bolts in the food contact area. Food splash zone is modified for cleaning. The stainless steel drum is modified with 1/4” curve at the bottom corner for clean-ability. There are additional modifications done based on the health inspection report we received from one of our customers. The California package costs $600.

Conching Attachment:

Conching attachment is available for ECGC-65E. After grinding the chocolate liquor, simply remove the roller stone assembly and replace it with conching attachment. Switch on the unit and run it till the conching is done. Conching attachment is made of stainless steel for ease of use and hygiene. Costs $2500 + S&H.

Stone Lifting Mechanism:

Many of our customers were struggling to lift the stones out of the Grinder for cleaning. So we have come up with the stone lifting mechanism. It comes with a base that mounts right on to one side of the ECC-65E or ECGC-65A grinders. Easy to use the crankshaft to lift the roller stones out of the drum and then to place it back inside the drum. One stone lifting mechanism is enough for multiple grinders as one can easily move it from one grinder to the other. 

$950 + S&H– Manual crank version

Nib Feeder mechanism:

  • Add nibs, sugar and other ingredients to the grinder at constant intervals
  • Reduces the grinding time
  • Reduces manual labor
  • Adds ingredients at the right spot – reduces wear on the Delrin inserts
  • Costs $950 + S&H 

Improvements made for chocolate grinding:

  1. Motor mounting plate –easy to adjust the belt tension
  2. Pressure gauge – consistent grinding for all batches
  3. Upgraded gear box –longer life
  4. US bought, high quality motor –continuous operation
  5. Wider drum – better grinding and conching
  6. Single piece, solid roller holder – easy to clean and maintain
  7. Tension spring on lock arm - isolated from food contact area
  8. High quality stainless steel components –Hygiene
  9. Shorter machine height – easy to load the contents into the drum
  10. Multipurpose equipment –for nut butters, coconut butter, coconut milk, nut milks, tahini, & more

Additional options for Commercial equipment:

All CocoaTown equipment carries a limited one year warranty against any manufacturing defect, from the date the unit is shipped.   Normal wear and tear parts are not covered under manufacturing warranty.

Extended Warranty:
Extended warranty for two additional years is available for $1000 / equipment


We provide installation assistance. Please email us for more details.

Maintenance Package:

Please email us for more details.

Our customers have used the melangers and Grindeurs for the following:

  • Grind almond pieces into Marcepan /Marzipan
  • Grind hazel nut pieces into Gianduja
  • Grind pistachios pieces into pistachio butter
  • Grind Cashew pieces into cashew butter
  • Grind sesame seeds into tahini
  • Grind boiled chick peas into hummus
  • Grind flax seeds into paste
  • Grind Sphagnum moss for facial pack
  • Grind quinoa
  • Grind nuts into nut milks
  • Grind coconut flakes into coconut butter and coconut milk
  • Grind corn into masa
  • And more


Maintenance Kit For Complete Commercial Kit – The Maintenance kit comes with 5 years worth of wear and tear parts. Included in this kit are: 

  • One set of 2 link belts(US$145)
  • One set of 4 delrin inserts for roller stones (US$100)
  • One set of 3 delrin spacers (US$60)
  • Tension Spring (US$40)
  • One set of 3 Drum height washers (US$60)
  • Extra Husk collection box ($60) 


Bean to bar hands-on intensiveworkshop for Chocopreneurs:

Three day intensive, hands-on training workshop taught by international experts and organized by CocoaTown Academy. The course provides theoretical and practical knowledge on everything needed to start a bean to bar business. More than 80% of our graduates in the past have successfully started and grown their businesses. The curriculum includes but is not limited to:

  • Beans – overview of origin varieties
  • Bean quality
  • Selecting beans
  • Theoretical and practical lessons on roasting, cracking, winnowing, grinding, tempering & molding
  • Tasting chocolate
  • Packaging
  • Making bon-bons, truffles and ganache
  • Business plan
  • Use & care of machines

Currently, the workshop is conducted in Atlanta GA USA and Coimbatore India.