CocoaT Winnowers

Winnowing process separates the husk from nibs. 

Do you want a winnower that:

  • Separates the nibs & husk perfectly? 
  • Produces nibs with almost no husk?
  • Prevents you losing money from nibs wasted with husk? 
  • Keeps the cocoa processing area clean?
  • Are easy to operate & maintain?

If you said yes for any and all of the questions, you need CocoaT Winnowers.  These Winnowers produce cleanest nibs to produce the best chocolate and save money because there are almost no nibs with the husk. Closed husk collection system eliminates the dust and microbial contamination in the processing area. They are very compact and easy to use & maintain. 

CocoaT basic Winnower
Manual Dispenser - US$1650
Motorized Dispenser - US$1950

CocoaT deluxe Winnower
Manual Dispenser - US$1950
Motorized Dispenser - US$2250

CocoaT InnoWinno Winnower