Christian E. Martínez Sosa

Christian E. Martínez Sosa

Chocolate artist, Chef, Culinary instructor
“Experience in mind and creativity in heart”

Learn making chocolates from Lead instructor, Christian E. Martinez Sosa, a Chocolate artist.

Chris has a degree in gastronomy from the Superior College of Tourism and Hotel Industry, César Ritz. He is the founder of Syokorat, a company dedicated to training in confections since 2013. He is also a qualified teacher in the field of pastry and chocolates and has taken up the role of advisor to different chocolate companies like Chocosolutions, Chocolate Luker, Chef Rubber, and is an active member of the Mexican Pastry Team.
He has shared his experience and knowledge in different institutions across Mexico and has participated in many national and international competitions such as World Chocolate Masters 2010, and 2012, Coppa del Mondo Della Gelateria 2012, Olmec Concurso de Escultura en Hielo – Abastur, obtaining the gold and silver medals. He is also a winner in the 2016 Best Recognition Chocolatier, and Cake &Bake Master MX, to name a few. He has participated as a jury member in academic and professional competitions.

Chritian Martinez has given lectures in different national and international exhibitions, where he expresses his love for the profession, sharing experiences of his work in chocolates. He has participated in different chocolate festivals like Salón del Chocolate Ecuador (twice), Salón Chocolate WTC Mexico City and also Mexican Chocolate festival. Now, his company Syokorat, a gallery of expression of art and gastronomy provides training at all levels and develops innovative products for business. Chef Christian has a strong interest for surreal art which has helped him in developing new techniques for chocolate art. He has never left aside his constant training, since he has a personal objective to acquire and transmit his new knowledge in Mexico and around the world.

Edna N, Philippines

""I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CocoaTown for this chance of learning lots of things about cacao and chocolate making.""

Peter A, Nigeria

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to have watched the video recording. It was such a rich webinar. I fully appreciate this wonderful model of partnership which fosters and encourage us working together to escape this vicious circle of poverty that has been the lot of producers in origin countries."

Ellen and Rutger, Suriname

"With the Chocopreneurs Webinar Series a platform has been created that brings together professionals from all over the field on a multitude of industry-related topics, CocoaTown is further cementing their status as one of the mainstays of the craft fine or flavour cacao industry."