Chloe Doutre Roussel is an author, consultant educator and world reknowned expert on all things chocolate.

Everybody “loooooves” chocolate. But Chloe Doutre-Roussel’s relationship to chocolate is a genuine passion and love story. From an early age, she was intrigued by the varied styles of chocolates available, in total contrast with the quite monotonous words used to describe them to the customers. For more than 35 years, she has been exploring the world of fine chocolate: she visits plantations, production units, shops, meets the people behind, collaborates with experts, relentlessly analyzes processes, marketing, strategies. Over the years, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of the production processes from bean to bar and a true understanding of the many factors which influence the style of a brand, and distinguish one chocolate from another.

Her unique cocktail of dedication, energy, analytical approach, no-compromising-attitude on quality and aromas and almost religious devotion to chocolate allowed her to become over the years a self-taught choco-expert. She is the author a the book The Chocolate Connoisseur translated in 5 languages. She travels around the world giving conferences and classes and acting as a consultant. She has been collaborating voluntarily with El Ceibo cooperative of native cocoa growers in Bolivia since 2007, helping them to launch the first and _to date _only chocolate brand 100% produced from tree to packed fine chocolate products, exported worldwide. Students, starting professionals, established companies and journalists, many seek her advise. Chocolate became the framework of her life.


Although she is a respected expert, Chloé started as a consumer and remains a (passionate) one. Her relationship with chocolate is before anything about having more pleasure in our lives Once you take her guided tours, classes, conferences or products, you may never eat or look at chocolate the same way. Her discoveries, her experience, her educational skills as well as her contagious passion, take you to a new dimension in your relationship with chocolate. She proposes a wide range of activities and products, to share her passion, transmit her knowledge, introduce people to a new dimension of pleasure and well being chocolate can bring to our lives. The guided tours of the best chocolate shops of Paris, the chocolate tasting classes and “à la carte” events, and her range of chocolates and teas, will educate and delight you, and give you the opportunity to experience and appreciate chocolates in a totally new way.


  • Founder member of the AOC – Academy of Chocolate UK
  • Honorary member FCIA – Fine chocolate Industry Association – USA
  • Honorary Member- Academia del chocolate- Ecuador
  • Taster for HCP – Heirloom Cacao preservation