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Have you ever wanted to start your own chocolate business? Do you want to perfect your chocolate making skills? Learn how to make chocolate from bean to bar with CocoaTown’s Bean to Bar Workshop.


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Hands on Intensive Workshop

Do you want to start a Bean to Bar Craft Chocolate business?
As a chef, pastry chef, or chocolatier do you want to add Bean to Bar chocolates?
Do you love “New American Chocolates” and want to know how they are made?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this workshop is for you

CocoaTown’s intensive three day, hands-on Bean to Bar workshop will cover:

• Cocoa beans – fermentation, drying & other post-harvest processes
• Preparing beans for chocolate – varieties, quality control & sorting
• Roasting
• Cracking
• Winnowing
• Grinding
• Tempering
• Making bars and other variations
• Packaging
• Business plan
• Marketing
• Network & learn from international participants – special recipes, culture etc

About the teacher:

Dr. Darin Sukha – over 25 years of experience in cocoa and chocolate
Expert on fermentation, bean to bar chocolate process, sensory analysis, chocolate tasting and every aspect of bean to bar chocolate making
Effective communicator great teacher
Shares his unique knowledge & guides every step of the process
Consults MARS Global Chocolate and CIAT in Colombia
Research Fellow Cocoa Research Center at Univ. Trinidad, West Indies

Cost: $1250 per participant ($300 credit for equipment purchase)
When: We will notify you once it is scheduled
Where: CocoaTown USA