CocoaT Professional Stainless Steel Melanger – ECGC-12SQSS


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Product Description

CocoaT Melanger ECGC-12SQSS:
Beautifully crafted, fully stainless steel melanger for professional use by chefs and a show piece in a store front or in your museum.  With a drive system consisting of poly-V belt and gears for trouble free quiet operation for years to come.
  1. Can grind 8 -10 lbs of cocoa nibs and to yield 12 lbs of chocolate liquor or about 5 lbs of nuts (cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, etc.) into nut butters or nut milks, sesame into tahini, or chickpeas to hummus
  2. Grinds cocoa nibs to 15 microns
  3. Conical stones for optimum grinding of cocoa nibs for and conching to impart best mouth feel of the chocolate.
  4. Gear motor and Poly-V belt drive for durability
  5. Tilting mechanism to empty the contents easily
  6.  With added tension adjuster mechanism, one can completely release the tension from the stones for the conching cycle so the cocoa liquor is continuously exposed to air with minimal additional grinding.
  7. We can ship these units around the world.  Contact Us for shipping quote.

Price $1250 (F.O.B. Atlanta)

Optional accessories available for additional functions

  • Mini drum and roller stone set to grind 1 -2 lbs of cocoa beans for recipe development, R&D purposes, etc.
  • Stainless steel wipers
  • Chocokneader to mix milk powder with chocolate liquor for milk chocolate
  • Chococleaner for easy removal of chocolate from the rollers

A melanger is a granite stone on granite stone grinder to grind cocoa bean nibs to chocolate liquor. This is an ideal tool for chocolate makers who want to make chocolate from bean to bar or cocoa nibs to cocoa liquor. The melanger has enhanced ventilation system and helps to grind up to 10 lbs of cocoa nibs for 24 hours or more.

The conical stones rotate on granite bottom stone of the vessel, crushing the nibs and reducing the particle size of sugar and cocoa to 15 micron size fine chocolate liquor.
The roller stones and wiper are attached to the stainless steel center shaft, and the whole roller stone assembly, is removable as one piece. They are easy to clean, handle and store.  The conical roller stones serve dual function – conching and grinding.

ECGA-12SQSS Melanger is ideal for chefs,  small chocolate businesses with factory tours, chocolate museums or for R&D to develop recipes for large businesses. In addition to grinding cocoa nibs, this melanger can also be used to grind tahini from sesame seeds, nut butters or nut milks from almonds, macadamia, pistachios, cashews, hazel nuts and more. It grinds up to 12 lbs of cocoa liquor (cocoa nibs, sugar and other ingredients together) in a single batch.

18” x 10” x 11” tall (subject to change) – melanger
1/5 HP 110V or 220V single phase motor
Weight – 60 lbs
Grinds up to 12 lbs of cocoa liquor (nibs +sugar + etc)
High quality Stainless steel vessel
Conical granite roller stones
Granite stone for grinding surface.

Our customers have used the melangers and Grindeurs for the following:

  • Grind almond pieces into Marcepan
  • Grind hazel nut pieces into Gianduja
  • Grind pistachio pieces into pistachio butter
  • Grind Cashew pieces into cashew butter
  • Grind sesame seeds into tahini
  • Grind boiled chick peas into hummus
  • Grind flax seeds into paste
  • Grind Sphagnum moss for facial pack
  • Grind quinoa
  • Grind shredded and dried coconut into coconut butter

Call for shipping quote outside of the continental USA

How to order

Since this product may require additional modification based on your needs, you can not order online at this time.  Please email us at for a shipping quote and order form

Alternatively, go to the link for online (Click here) Price quote request form. We will send the quote once we receive the form.

If you had already received the quote from us and are ready to order, please go to the link for online or (click here) Order form.

Additional Information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 16 x 14 in



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