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Product Description

A melanger is a granite stone on granite stone grinder used to grind cocoa bean nibs to chocolate liquor. This is an ideal tool for chocolatiers who want to make chocolate from bean to bar or cocoa nibs to cocoa liquor. The melanger has enhanced ventilation system and helps to grind up to 10 lbs of cocoa nibs for 24 hours or more. We can ship these units to anywhere in the world. Contact Us for price quote.

We have two variations of melangers now. ECGC-12SL is the deluxe melanger that we have been selling since 2011. We have added the tension adjustor mechanism to this unit (to replicate the functionality of the ECGC-65A Grindeur), for this unit and sell it as ECGC-12SLTA. One can completely release the tension from the stones for the conching cycle so the cocoa liquor is continuously exposed to air without grinding it further.

CocoaTown-bean-to-bar-ECGC12SL-TADeluxe Melanger ECGC-12SLTA is the latest version of the Deluxe melanger with additional options for the chocolatier to fine tune the grinding process. ECGC-12SLTA is a “granite stone on granite stone” grinder to grind cocoa bean nibs to chocolate liquor. Melanger is an ideal tool for chocolatiers who want to make chocolate liquor from cocoa bean or cocoa nibs. The melanger has specially designed ventilation system and helps to grind cocoa nibs for 24 hours or more.

The conical stones rotate on granite bottom stone of the vessel, crushing the nibs and reducing the particles of sugar and cocoa about 15 micron range fine cocoa liquor.
The roller stones and wiper are attached to the stainless steel center shaft, and the whole roller stone assembly, is removable as one piece. They are easy to clean, handle and store. The roller stone assembly is locked into the lid for reproducible tension. The conical roller stones serve dual function – conching in addition to grinding.

The Tension Adjustor accessory on the lock arm helps to conch the chocolate liquor in later part of the processing using the same unit.

Deluxe Melanger is ideal for small chocolate businesses or for R&D to develop recipes for big businesses. In addition to grinding cocoa nibs, deluxe melanger can also be used to grind tahini from sesame seeds, nut butters from almonds, macadamia, pistachios and more. It grinds upto 8 lbs of cocoa liquor (cocoa nibs, sugar and other ingredients together) in a single batch.

18” x 10” x 11” tall – melanger
23” x16” x 15” – box size
1/5 HP 110V or 220V single phase motor
Weight – 35 lbs (dimensional wt for shipping – 50 lbs)
Grinds up to 8 lbs of cocoa liquor (nibs +sugar + etc)
High quality Stainless steel vessel
Conical granite roller stones
Granite stone for grinding surface
Injection molded ABS plastic body – quiet in operation

Our customers have used the melangers and Grindeurs for the following:
Grind almond pieces into Marcepan
Grind hazel nut pieces into Gianduja
Grind pistachios pieces into pistachio butter
Grind Cashew pieces into cashew butter
Grind sesame seeds into tahini
Grind boiled chick peas into hummus
Grind flax seeds into paste
Grind Sphagnum moss for facial pack
Grind quinoa

Call for shipping quote outside of the continental USA

How to order

Since this product may require additional modification based on your needs, you can not order online at this time.  We require additional information to complete the purchase.

Email us at for a shipping quote and order form

Alternatively, go to the link for online (Click here) Price quote request form. Once we receive the form back from you, we will send you the quote.

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Additional Information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 16 x 14 in


8 reviews for CocoaT Melanger – ECGC-12SLTA

  1. Caio
    5 out of 5


    Tem suporte para o brasil, tenho interesse em comprar?
    Sells to Brazil, you support?

    • Andal Balu


      Yes. We sell to Brazil. We also give technical support for our machines.

  2. Alejandra
    5 out of 5


    Me interesa, hacen envíos a Costa Rica?

    • admin


      Gracias por su interés. Sí podemos enviar a Costa Rica. Tenemos algunos clientes en Costa Rica. Por favor llame a nuestra oficina o envíenos un correo electrónico a la puesta a punto conferencia skype llamada. ¿Cuál es su información de contacto, para que podamos llamarle.

  3. Olga Shaden
    5 out of 5


    Hola. Necesito mezclar cacao 100% y azúcar de coco, o buen azúcar de agave. Este molino me puede ayudar a fusionar el chocolate y el azúcar? Lo pregunto porque he buscado la forma de fusionarlo a la hora del temperado, pero no lo consigo, puesto que el azúcar se cristaliza y no se funde con el chocolate.
    Agradezco enormemente su atención, reciban saludos cordiales.

    • Jey


      Hi Olga,

      You can grind cocoa nibs and sugar together with this melanger. We have a few customers who use coconut sugar in our melangers. We do not currently have a temperer for sale. For more information or a price quote please email us at


  4. Grace
    5 out of 5


    Hi! I sent you an email ( the past week asking for more information about the melanger, but i had no answer. Is it still available for international sale?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Jey


      Hi Grace,

      We apologize we did not receive your email. The ECGC-12SL/TA is available for international sale. Please forward the email back to us so we may respond with a price quote for you.


  5. Patria nguyen
    5 out of 5


    Hi I am very interested in this machinery. I would like to have it sent to the Philippines if possible? How much would be the total cost including shipping. Thanks.

    • Jey


      We can ship any of equipment to the Philippines. Please send us an email at for a full price quote.

  6. Enrique Orlina
    4 out of 5


    After grinding the cocoa and turing it to cocoa liquer, do we still need to temper the chocolate before using to coat nuts ? Im from the Philippines can you give me a price quotation. Thanks

    • Jey


      Tempering ensures your chocolate will have a shiny finish and that snap when you break it apart. For a full price quote please send us an email at

  7. kori farias
    4 out of 5


    Hello, we have recently acquired a ECGC12SLTA Melanger, we would like to know how the tension adjustment mechanism works, in which time is better to tighten or loosen

    • Jey


      Hi. We recommend starting with no tension and adding the tension a little bit at a time as you continue grinding. Adjust the tension by slowly turning the knob on top of the lock arm. Please be aware too much tension can cause uneven wear on your stones and roller holder.

  8. Abigail
    3 out of 5


    Hello, Do you ship to Ghana when any of your items is purchased and wanted to be shipped to Ghana.?

    I’ll love to know please.

    • Balu Bala

      (verified owner):

      Thanks for your interest in the melanger. Yes, we will ship to Ghana. We have shipped in the past as well. Please email us your physical address to, we will can send the shipping cost estimate.



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