Control Panel with UL listed components



Control Panel for ECGC Grindeurs
The CocoaT Control Panel is specially designed to precisely monitor and effectively control the chocolate grinding/conching process of ECGC-65 Grindeurs. The well designed control panel is built with Industry standard parts and U/L certified components in a custom built U/L certified stainless steel cabinet. It eliminates the need for several individual control/monitoring panels to save time and money during installation.  The control panel is designed to install at a customer specific configuration.

Components & Functions:- All components are U/L and/or CE listed and designed with Industry Standard safety features

  • Frequency Controller – Change the drum spinning speed (RPM) for different stages of grinding /conching. In addition, one can choose a frequency controller with the single phase input and three phase output (CPSPSS) or three phase input and three phase output (CPTPSS)
  • Ampere meter – indicates motor power requirements at any given point – helps to adjust the process parameters for various types of products
  • Current limiting safety circuit breaker – shuts off the motor, if it draws too much current
  • Timer – helps to track oil change schedule
  • Isolated ON/OFF switches and remote speed control knob
  • This control panel is equipped with independent ampere/current meter to monitor the current used by the motor. If the viscosity of the cocoa liquor changes for any reason, the motor starts to draw more current and easy to monitor and control the grinding/conching process.
  • Monitoring the current usage helps prevent motor failure.
  • Timer helps to monitor the process time and to schedule routine maintenance. It is user resettable. It does not control the processing unit.
  • The detachable emergency switch can be separated from the control panel and mounted at a suitable place based on the installation configuration at the customer site.

Cost: $1500

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 21 x 11 in


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