CocoaT Cracker

Cocoatown Cracker one of the critical steps in separating the nibs from the husks. The special feature of the crackers is that the cocoa beans are cracked into bigger pieces. This will result in easier winnowing, yielding better quality, cleaner nibs, higher yield of nibs (fewer nibs in the husk and less husk with the nibs) and higher profit than cracking the cocoa beans
in the regular crackers available in the market.

All the parts that come in contact with food are made of high quality Stainless steel. The three rollers are easy to disassemble and reassemble. They are easy to clean and handle. They also last longer. CocoaT Crackers are available in two versions, they are Manual Cracker and Power Cracker. All the models are very compact and have a foot print of less than 1.5 sq. foot. It is our mission to help chocolatiers worldwide produce top quality products.

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